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How I Keep Organised - With Printables

Being organised has always been a natural thing for me, I can remember at a young age liking order and things clean.
For me a clean and organised life is a happy and stress-free life, when things are messy and unorganised my mind feels cluttered and everything is one big jumble. It makes me extremely crabby and unable to process things.

I wanted to share the tips I use that help me keep organised and on top of life. So for those that need a starting point on how to organise this is for you.

1. A little bit each day - Everyday I do a little bit of cleaning and organising.
keeping on top means that my jobs are quick and easy, giving me more time to do other things. When you let it pile up is when it becomes a major task and a time consumer.

2. Tidy Basket - Keep a tidy basket close by, so as your sorting you can put things that don't belong in that room into the basket ready to go back in its place.

3. Everything has a place - Everything in our home has its own space from an under stairs shoe and bags storage system to a crafts cupboard and candle drawer.
It makes life so much easier because  I can find everything I need and I know where everything goes as I'm tidying away.

4. Check list - My most valued tool in keeping my life organisedI have printable lists and notebooks of lists for everything!
I keep a checklist on what foods and cleaning products I have in stock, kids school uniforms and even Birthday and Christmas presents I have bought through the year.
I do this because I will always know what I've got and if I'm running low or need to buy anything then its right in front of me.

This is the fun part of the post because I have made it so you can download my organisation sheets. From my weekly meal planner and shopping list to a school uniform checklist and my favourite Christmas present gift sheet!
All you have to do is click here! If you use my printouts tag me on social media so I can see your organising.

5. Get everyone involved - My last and final tip is to get the whole family involved. Both Our children have to make and clean their bedrooms before school each morning, at 3 and 6 years old they are responsible for their bedroom to be clean and their toys in the toy room downstairs to be tidied away after play. As well as this being helpful to me it really teaches them to respect their things and to look after them.  It also means they are sharing the work load and helping mum, so I have more time to play with them.

I hope you liked my tips on how I keep organised, there are many more posts on organising which you can find here on my blog, do go check them out. 

If there is anything you want to see me cover in my next post let me know in the comments. :) 

30 Free Activities for Kids This Summer - With Printable

I have 46 days (not that I'm counting) until the boys go back to school. Until then I have to keep them mentally and physically stimulated to reduce the chances of them fighting and that dreaded Mum! I'm Bored! Phrase.

With that in mind, I was determined to not let the school holidays beat me. I have been researching what activities we can do to keep my little nuggets busy come rain or shine and on a budget!

I love thinking of new ways to keep my kids busy, which doesn't involve sitting in front of a screen.
I love my children to be out and about, exploring and being creative, because that's' what being a child is all about. Tv and games consoles are all well in moderation but it doesn't make them think or tire them out.

A major problem a lot of us will face over the summer holidays is money. Having children is an expensive business, and over the summer you're going to end up spending a  small fortune on all new school clothes and accessories.

With everything in mind, I have created a printable summer bucket list on 30 fun and free/ low-cost activities to do with your children.  

We have already started ours and we have had so much fun. Last night we ticked off building our own lego houses and we had a movie night watching Matilda. 

So whether you are looking for completely free/cheap activities to do with your children or are just needing some inspiration download my 30 Free Activity Ideas for Kids. 

 I would love to know your free/cheap activity ideas, leave them in the comments below.

10 Things to do at Butlins

For those that have never been to Butlins, this is a guide just for you. A guide featuring some of our favourite places/activities which I recommend all families to take part in.

1. Danger Mouse Show (Live Shows)

I had to include this as my first because it was such a good production.  The kids were glued but it was also extremely enjoyable for the adults. My two boys happily went down to sit close to the stage and I can tell you they did not move an inch and for my 3-year old, I couldn't believe it! He's not got a long attention span, especially with things like tv and shows so for him to sit for 45 minutes, I was surprised and extremely impressed.

2. 3D Shows 

We were given tickets to see Giggle Planet, the kids loved it. It was extremely interactive and the even put a camera out to the audience for some extra giggles.
The quality of the 3D is also much better than the cinema because things really fly at you and get very close. This was Archie's first 3D experience and he jumped at everything but he was in fits of laughter so a massive thumbs up from us.

3. Soft Play 

Our two loved the soft play and what's handy is that it's right behind the main stage, Liam and I were able to sit with and have a drink and the boys were in view across from us.  I think Alfie easily clocked up over an hour in there because he wouldn't come down, not even for food! In the end, I had to ask the members of staff to get him out!

4. Swimming Pool 

The pool is a definite trip, it's a good size with slides, wave machine and even a mini slide for younger children to climb on and slide down. we all had a fantastic time. Next time I must remember to wear contacts though!

5. Fun Fair 

The traditional fun fair definitely had me reminiscing, rides include the dodgems, Helter Skelter, carousel and the chair -o- plane.  As well as many rides there are some traditional stalls and a place to get your fun fair food such as doughnuts and candy floss.

6. Shoreline Restaurant

This is the hotel that we stayed in, the food and service was terrific. I would highly recommend families to stay here. The staff were all lovely as well, we had a little issue in our room which they corrected, they provided extremely quick service and a good will gesture to say sorry.

7.  Bognor Beach 

Butlins is right next to the local beach, it's so close in fact that all you needed to do is walk out the gate and across the road.  The beach is unfortunately pebbled, so if you don't like pebbled beaches this may not be for you but the kids loved it and the water was so clear we could see little fishes swimming around us.

8. Billy Bear Bedtime 

In our hotel, there was a special bedtime visit from Billy Bear. The kids meet down in the lobby and were all taken to Billy's own bedroom in the Hotel. I'm not sure if any of the others have this but I know the Shoreline hotel is specifically for young children.  We all went up to the first floor, you can't miss Billy's room.  The room its self is very different to the rest in the hotel, Billy's room is kitted out in red and yellow and with very overshaped / cartoon styled furniture.  The kids thought it was the best thing ever, they went to bed extremely quickly when we got back to our rooms which was a bonus!

9. Family Fun Karts 

You can hire your own family Kart for 30 mins to go off exploring around the park, this is something we really wanted to do. unfortunately, we were unable due to an overbooking and with it being our last day there was no option to go again. However, from seeing everyone else it is a definite must activity.

10. Scoop Ice Cream 

Hot weather means lots of ice cream and the scoop has some delicious ice cream.

I hope you found this post useful, don't forget to check out my other post on how to save money on your Butlins holiday here

Butlins Money Saving Tips

This week we took the boys on their first Butlins holiday, both Liam and I went as children and we thought that the boys would enjoy it just as much as we did.

Before we went I looked online as much as possible to see what I should pack, where is best to eat, what activities are a must and anything else I could think of.
I wanted us to have a good time but I didn't want us to spend a small fortune either, I know how expensive holidays can be and I'm all for saving money where I can. So I thought I would put a little post together with my own tips on how to save money for those who are either like me and like to budget whilst on holiday or if you only have a little budget to work with.

Booking Tips 

First thing is to book out of season, our holiday was booked just before the start of the summer holidays. A couple weeks later and the same holiday we have just been on is almost £350 more.

Stack codes, we were able to stack several codes on our holiday which gave us a nice discount on our holiday.  Always look for online codes before you pay full price!

If you aren't going to be in your rooms much then go for a cheaper accommodation, you can rent a variety of accommodation from rooms and hotels to apartments and chalets (in Minehead only).
These can vary in prices so compare them all and see what fits your budget best.

Food Tips

Food on site food can be expensive so save yourself some money and bring yourselves some snacks.
Before we left I made snack bags for each person for our stay.

We also brought a crate of water and squash as drinks can be extremely expensive too and if you're in the hotel then you have something to drink at night.  Your Hotel room/apartment will have a fridge which we have found so handy to store drinks and food in.

We filled our boots at breakfast so that at lunch we didn't need much and if the kids were hungry we brought them little snack wrap kits from the onsite supermarket to go with some items in their snack packs. The snack wrap kits were £2 and the Diary Lea Lunchables were £1.69 so a lot cheaper than a lot of the food here. For example, a regular piece of Cod from the fish and chip shop is £5.20 that doesn't include chips.

You can visit the Butlins website to download the menus of certain restaurants, so I do advise doing that so you can get a rough idea of how much a meal is likely to cost.

We dined at Paper Johns on our first night and our bill was £45 that was for 4 drinks, 2 kids meals and 2 buffets, however, our dining experience wasn't the best so I personally couldn't recommend eating there.

I think next time we would try self-catering so we could save more money as our weekly food shop is normally £60 for four of us and we spent that in almost a day just on food and drinks.

Activity Tips

There are many free activities such as shows and fairground rides but then there are a lot of things you will need money for especially the arcade! There are two arcades in Butlins one in the skyline tent and one in the fairground area. So be aware that the kids will want lots of change to play with.

A lot of the shows are free but there are some that you need to pay for and pre-book for,  these seem to be around the £5 per person range. You can check online to see what will be on during your stay again so you can budget more money if you need to.

Sporting activities also have a charge depending on what your child wants to do and these range from adventure golf and archery to Ariel adventures, volleyball and Go Karting. Prices vary from £2.50 - £8 per person.

Souvenir Tips

All children will love to hit the gift shop and there is a range of items for a variety of prices many items can be bought for under £10, however, the most popular items are the Billy Bear & Bonnie Bear soft toys which are about £15 each.

We didn't let the kids into the gift shop instead we gave them a £20 budget each and I went in to buy a Billy Bear and some smaller gifts. We then surprised them by putting them on their beds whilst they were out at a show so when they came back it was a magical surprise for them which they really loved, it was probably more exciting than letting them loose in the gift shop because they weren't expecting it. You can shop on the Butlins website before you go as well if you wanted to pre-buy the kids' things instead of buying them on site.

Another thing that you can do which I was going to do but ran out of time was to pre-make a goodie bag to bring to Butlins with me.
So instead of spending too much in the gift shop, I was going to buy pirate themed accessories such as pens, stickers, chocolate coins etc and just add the Billy Bears when we got here.

We stayed in the Shoreline Hotel which is designed from the outside to look like a cruise liner and inside it's all decorated with a nautical theme, which our two just loved!

I hope you enjoyed my Money saving tips if you have any then let me know in the comments below!

Facing My Biggest Fear

We all have fears and phobia to some extent and that is perfectly normal, it's not normal when these fears take over your life. The last 13 years  I have been a slave to my anxiety and phobias.  I've Missed out on so many amazing opportunities because of that little voice in my head, that anxious state unable to rationalising that things were all ok, told me to not do it in case something bad happened.

At the beginning of this year, I posted 2017: Being the Best Version of Me, a post focusing on not setting new year's resolutions but instead to focus on myself and being the best version of me and that meant giving myself some much needed me time to actually look after myself. It meant tackling my fears and put the fingers up to the anxiety that has plagued me for years. I wanted to feel proud of myself and be the mother I have always wanted, the mother I have dreamt about being but haven't been because my anxiety restricted me.

Well, it's safe to say I'm on the way to becoming that mother because I tackled one of my biggest fears and flipped the bird to my anxiety...... I conquered my fear of flying! 

Now that may not seem much to some but I was terrified, the idea of being up in the air with nothing underneath me but the clouds and many hundred feet of space between my feet and the ground didn't go down too well. I felt physically sick, I already have a fear of heights and travelling far in general which on top of my fear of flying made the whole situation a BIG deal.

I wanted to and needed to do this, I want to be able to travel the world, heck I wanted to be able to travel around the UK without getting into a state, I just want to have the freedom to be free and to live my life with no holdbacks, without second guessing every single choice I made or where ever I travelled.

Flying wasn't what I thought it would be, for a start I didn't feel car sick or motion sickness like I thought I would. I didn't feel like I was on a roller coaster and my brain couldn't make the connection of being up so high so my fear of heights never bothered me. The only thing I didn't like was take off but once we were level I felt fine. Personally, I would describe the sensation of being on a plane very similar to being on a train or bus.

Now here is where I need to say a massive thank you because I couldn't have done this alone. I couldn't have stayed in the airport or even get on the plane if I didn't have one of my biggest support networks with me, my sister. 
My sister Stephanie is a frequent flyer, so I was in safe hands, with her no shit nonsense I knew she would put me on that plane no matter what I did or said and that was exactly what I needed. 
She took control so I hadn't needed to worry, all I needed to do was hold her hand and breathe and a lot of deep breathing I did during take off!
My sister gave up her time to come with me to stay with my friend so she could emotional support me and for that I am so forever grateful, she gave me the chance to see my dearest friend Vicki ( she blogs on over at The Northern Irish Mum) and her two beautiful babies as well as the rest of her family which is something I knew I couldn't have done alone. 

With 7 months into 2017, I conquered my biggest fear and I feel amazing. My everyday anxiety has been non-existent, I feel different. I feel more confident, I feel like I've metamorphized from a dull grey anxious moth into a bright beautiful butterfly, with the courage to fly free.
I can't wait to see what the next 5 months hold for me and how much I'll overcome, so far it's looking good with clear blue skies all the way to my next destination.

5 Gift Ideas for Teachers

It's almost the summer holidays for us parents, which means there is one final job we have to sort out, the teachers thank you presents! 
I know a lot of people do give gifts and a lot don't, so it's personal preference. I personally think it's a lovely gesture especially if they've spent a year or more helping your child to grow in education. 

My son has had the same teacher for two years now and it is time for him to say thank you so I have round up some of my favourite teacher gifts and all for under £20.  

Images sourced from Pinterest 

1. Flowers 

Flowers are always a perfect present if you can find out if their teacher has a favourite flower then even better. You can make your own flower cones extremely cheap by buying your flowers from supermarkets or market stalls and then buying some fancy paper to wrap them in. You could add a bow and a tag to make it extra pretty! 
Another way to present a flower is in a pot, again you can decorate the sides, add bows, tags and even little signs. 

Images sourced from Pinterest 

2. Frames 

Pretty personalised frames are a lovely gift and with such a wide range of ideas to choose from you can make them at home from next to nothing or buy offline again for under £20. 

Images sourced from Pinterest 

3. Teacher Hampers 

How about a mini hamper, adding some of your child's teachers favourite things or gifts you think they may like.  Things you could add into a hamper: a mini bottle of wine, stationery, chocolates, candles, homemade baked goods and a mug. 

You can easily make a hamper for £20, buying from shops like pound stores and Homesense can save you so much money as well as finding some fantastic items.  If you want to know more on hampers then pop on over to my post on how to make the perfect hamper

Images sourced from Pinterest 

4. Emergency Kit 

This is what I have done for my son's teacher, I have filled a little box with all the things a teacher may need in an emergency. From plasters, rubbers, pencils to mints, stickers and stamps. 
To keep the costs down again look in pound stores and online, especially eBay and Amazon.
You can be as creative as you like with how you display from a like wooden crate to the plastic acrylic craft boxes. 

Images sourced from Pinterest 

5. Personalised Gifts  

And last but not least is a personalised/personal gift. If you know your child's teacher likes to drink tea or coffee then how about buying them a lovely mug/travel mug to drink from, you could even put their name on it. You could ask a few other mums to contribute and buy a gift card to a Starbucks or Costa to go inside too!
If you know your teacher always had their nails painted then how about buying a couple nail polishes, put in a little box or bag and decorate with a ribbon and a tag. 
And last but not least a bottle of wine will always go down a treat. 

I hope you liked my gifts for teachers if you have any good suggestions leave them in the comments. 

What are you buying your child's teacher this year? 

10 Ways to Use Zoflora

I am a huge fan of Zoflora, it's my number one cleaning product at the moment.
  For those that haven't heard of Zoflora before then, it's a concentrated disinfectant solution that comes in a variety of fragrances to leave your home smelling fresh and super clean.

But did you know it has many uses? Today's post I want to show you some of the ways in which I use my trusty Zoflora.

First of all, Zoflora is so cheap if you have a pound style shop near you then you're more than likely to find it in there, you can buy from supermarkets but I think you will find more of a selection in your local £ stores.

The idea is that you dilute yourself using one cap to 400ml of water, I make a solution up in a little spray bottle and use that for all my home cleaning needs.

So what are the brilliant ways in which Zoflora can be used in?

1. Surface cleaner

You can put it on pretty much any surface to clean and disinfect from the bathroom to the living room and kitchen. 

2. Kids Toys

I love to clean the children's toys, it also leaves them smelling fresh as well as cleaning 99.9% of bacteria!

3. Ironing 

A drop in the iron to fragrance all your clothes. 

4. Washing 

Add a drop of your favourite Zoflora into your fabric softener to boost your clothes scent.

5. Radiators

In the winter I like to spray my Zoflora onto a cloth and rub over my radiators so that when the heating is turned on the house smells amazing! 

6. Pets 

I use the pet Zoflora to clean and disinfect all my pets cages, hutches and accessories, I even use it on the dogs outside patio (they have their own area). Just make sure the area is dry before you put your animals on it. 

7. Steam Mop 

Add a drop to your steam mop to help kill any virus and bacteria. I use my steam mop on the floor, sofa, rugs and all over the bathroom. 

8. Toilet 

Add a couple drops neat, into your toilet to leave it smelling fresh as well as killing any germs. 

9.  The Car 

I love using Zoflora to clean the inside of my car. Make up the solution in a spray bottle and away you go. I also spray inside the heaters for extra bursts of fragrance every time I use it.

10. Bins 

Cleaning the bins is always a horrible job, I use Zolfora on both my small bins inside the house and my large outside bins.

So that is some of the ways in which we use Zoflora in our household. Let me know if you have any other uses in the comments below.

10 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

 It's really important to get a good night's sleep but, did you know that many Brits aren't getting the recommended 6-9 hours of sleep a night.
Sleep benefits us in so many ways, physically sleep helps with healing and repairing of the body especially, to our heart and blood vessels. It also helps with growth and mental development, people who don't have enough sleep can increase the risk of developing health issues such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and even a stroke.

At night we use sleep to shut down fix and essential reboot, if you don't get enough sleep for your body it will affect the way you perform and that can be things like slower reaction times - which may be an issue if you are working in a hazardous environment or operating heavy machinery.  It can also affect your mood which may affect you at home, with friends or even colleagues at work.

Below I am sharing my top 10 tips on how you can have a well rested night sleep and awake feeling refreshed, happy and energised for the day ahead.

1. Turn off your electronics 

Watching Tv or anything with a screen before bed can be bad, as it can interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone produced slowly over the evening to naturally make you tired. Watching tv or playing on electronic devices can actually stop the production of Melatonin. 

2. Decent mattress

Having a good mattress will enhance a better night sleep, old mattresses over time will soften and lose its shape and not supporting you in the way it should be.  Adjustable beds  has a selection of beds to give you the perfect night sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energised for the morning ahead.

3. Read a book

Swap the electronics for a goof old fashioned book, reading makes me tired at night so I know if I spend half an hour reading I'm more likely to fall asleep quicker and easier.
4. Dim the lights

Turning off the lights can help you feel sleepier, bright lights over stimulate your brain meaning it can't switch off for sleep so try and keep the mood calm and tranquil before you go to bed.

5. Herbal Tea 

If you like a tea or hot drinks then add a nice herbal tea to your evening routine. Stay away from all caffeine as it will keep you awake.

6. Massage 

Ask your partner to give you a 10 minute massage before bed, focusing especially on the shoulders and neck area as these areas will hold the most tension.

7. Hot bubble bath

You can't go wrong with a hot bubble bath, dim the lights, add some candles, aromatherapy oils or your favourite bubble bath, treat yourself, just sink in and let all your worries wash away.

8. Jot it down or talk it out

I always write any important information down before bed, it's one way to remember but also to clear my mind before bed. I won't be worrying and focusing which means I can sleep much easier.
If you especially worry about things start a worry journal to help combat the anxiety for a better nights sleep. Sometimes talking out loud the worry can almost half the worry. I know this all very well as an anxiety sufferer myself.

9. Set a bedtime

Set yourself a time to go to bed every night, over time you will notice how your body automatically falls asleep and wakes up at the same time every day.  I always try and get into bed before my bedtime so I can unwind with a book.

10. Exercise 

Light exercise before bed can be a good thing, yoga or Pilates is especially good before bed. It clears the mind and relaxes the body which is exactly what you want before sleep.  

I would love to know if you have any other #sleepexpert tips, leave them in the comments below. 

* collaborative post, all opinions and words are my own unless stated. 

10 Tips To Keep Cool This Summer

It's very rare that we get such lovely hot weather, however, as glorious as it has been the heat can be a struggle for some so today I wanted to post my top 10 tips for keeping cool. 

1. Keep windows and curtains closed 

As much as I would love to have all my windows and curtains wide open to suck in that beautiful sun,  it's actually going to make my home hotter. I always open my windows in the morning, as I feel during the night the air in the home goes stale and I like to keep my home smelling fresh. So I have been opening my windows at 5 am and leaving them open until 6 and then closing them, it really does help. Yesterday the house was relatively cool and we had somewhere to hide when outside got too hot. The dogs also found it a blessing as they were suffering too! 

2. Fans / Ice bottles 

 I know so many people that don't have fans, you can pick them up super cheap! To create really cold air, place a frozen bottle of water in a bowl of water in front of the fan. The fan will pick up the coldness from the bottle and blow ice cold air in your direction. 

3. Cool Drinks 

Pre-make drinks and put them in the fridge, last night I put in a whole case of water and several drinks made up for myself and the kids. It means you have a day of premade ice cold drinks made.

4. Cold Flannels 

When the heat gets too much soak a flannel and put it on your forehead or on the back of your neck it will instantly cool you down. 

5. Cold Water Bottle 

For the nights when you are just too hot, fill your water bottle up with cold water and freeze! Instant ice pack that will last most of the night. 

6. Frozen Sheet 

Freeze your bedsheets 5 minutes before bedtime, put your sheet in a bag and then pop it in the freezer it will be lovely when you climb into bed. 

7. Keep Hydrated 

Make sure you drink lots, especially throughout the day and before bed! Sun Stroke is not fun and water will naturally help bring your core temperature down. 

8.  Frozen Fruit and Fruit Cubes 

Slice up fruit and place into ice cube trays that way you can put them in your drink to stay cool, you can also freeze fruits to eat, myself and the boys love frozen grapes! 

9.  Spray Bottle 

You can buy yourself a cheap spray bottle from boots or the Poundshop to fill up with water. When it gets too hot just give yourself a little spritz. The kids can use it on themselves, great for taking in the car as well. 

10.  Car Shades

Cars get so hot in the sun so make sure you cover any glass areas, my car has a complete glass roof so I have to remember to pull the cover over it to keep it from becoming a greenhouse. You can also by car shades and reflectors to keep the heat out. Don't forget to take cool mists and handheld fans if you're going on long journeys as well as some drinks in a cool box! 

11. Bonus Tip

My bonus tip is to sit in a pool, relax, have fun and enjoy the weather,  we all know being in the UK means it's not hot here for long! 

Please don't forget to check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, heat can kill. 
Also never leave children or pets in a car! 

See my tips on how to keep your pets cool this summer.

6 Tips To Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Some of my readers will know that we have a small fur family. Our fur family currently consists of a mini heard of 5 guinea pigs, our 8 year old Chihuahua Daisy, 1 year old Sprocker Honey and now 3 Chickens.  Over the last week, I have been busy finding different ways in which to keep them cool and comfortable during the hot weather. 

1. Give your pets a haircut/trim

Trim any long/overgrown fur, do not completely shave off all your pets as their fur is a form of protection from getting sunburnt. If you want to shave your pet and not sure on how to do it or how short to go make sure you take them to a qualified groomer.

2. Ice cubes and Freezing items

There are many things that you can freeze, from water bottles, plastic containers- these are great for making big ice cubes and fruit cubes! You can also freeze ceramic tiles to place in enclosures, you little pets will thank you for something cool to drink and sit on. 

During the hottest part of the day, I haven been putting ice cubes in water bowls/ dishes to allow my pets to have ice cold drinks. Make sure your pets have plenty of water about and that there are no restrictions as they can't ask you for a drink! 

Lastly, freeze toys! Make sure you put them in a bag first, so your freezer doesn't smell of pets.

3. Buy a paddling pool 

We have a paddling pool for the dogs to swim in. Daisy isn't a massive fan, but Honey seems to enjoy it more and it keeps them lovely and cool.  You don't need to go crazy and spend lots of money, you can buy plenty of cheap ones from Poundland style stores. You can even use bowls, plastic storage boxes and gardening trays depending on the size of your pet and what you have already in and around the house. 

4. Shade 

Keep your pets in shaded areas if you can. If not, you can create shade with a cover over the hutch/pen.  Try putting off walks until it's cooler and avoid walking at the hottest part of the day. If you have to go out make sure that you walk in the shade as much as possible.  Check to see if you can hold your hand on the pavement for at least 5-10 seconds, then you will know if it is safe enough for your dogs to walk on, you don't want to burn your dogs feet.
Also, take a bottle of water for them to have the odd drink especially if it's a long walk your going on.   

5. Mud 

Mud is relatively cooling, there are lots of animals that use mud baths to cool themselves down in and so this week for our piggies I dug a small hole to bury one of their tunnels in so they can go underground to stay cooler, so far they have really enjoyed it. 

6.  Fans 

Like in my previous post, fans are a quick way for some relief from the heat. If your pet is designated to one area or room use a fan to help keep them cool, especially on really humid nights. 
You can also purchase a cooling pet mat from pet stores and Amazon. 

*Please never leave a dog in a car, especially if it's hot! Dogs die in hot cars! 

What have you been doing to keep your pets cool during the heat?  Leave me a comment below.