09 September, 2014

My Favourite Items Of The 90's

How cool were the 90's! well I think so, I've been reminiscing about all the 'cool' toys and shows I use to love and I thought I would let you in on what being a 90's child meant to me.

''Captain Planet, he's a hero

gonna take pollution down to zero...."
 Sorry I couldn't resist! As you can tell Captain Planet was one of my favourite shows along with Clarissa, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Barney and Recess! I could watch the same ones over and over again. 

Before the iPad or iPhone us girls had the electronic 'Dear Dairy' which was voice protected, a place where we could hide all our troubles  and feel grown up because we kept a journal.

Stick on earrings were amazing! Before I got the real thing of course. I thought I looked so cool with several of these on my ears. Only problem was that they fell off so easily. Not a good look when your talking to your crush and its hanging in your hair!
Polly pockets  well they were on a whole new level, car journeys were never boring with these. I loved the disney ones they made, I so wish I had of kept mine. 

Okay own up who had a Tamagotchi????  I would spend for ever on this literally make sure I didn't kill the dam thing then after a couple of weeks I was finding ways to try and turn it off!
Dummy rings I would get at the fair and try and look cool like the older kids I'd seen sporting one just minutes before. 
At school stamp pens were my must have pencil case item. I would stamp the front of my books and draw pretty pictures. When I didn't have my stamps it was all about the Gel pens! 

Jelly shoes were the biggest fashion acessory of the decade. Flat ones , high heeled ones, glittery ones and in an array of colours too. I was gutted I lost one of mine in a river ( I got my foot stuck and the shoes was lost forever!) 

I had my first Furby when I was 9 and I thought it was the coolest thing ever how wrong was I !!! It use to freak me out when it would randomly starting talking whilst I was sleeping. 

The light up see-through phone, My mum had one and I was just fascinated  by the way it looked and how it lit up when the house phone rang. I thought my mum was super cool for having one of these!

Roller ball glitter sticks, just like the hair mascara's I was a huge fan of these!  eyes, cheeks , lips and arms would be covered in the stuff.  I would be a walking disco ball. And I thought I looked so cool and fashionable! hahahahaaha I was so not cool wearing this!

Hair clips - How many of you pulled your hair back and attached one of these? It was fashionable to wear several in you hair.  I used to love shopping in Claire's for my clips. 

And the one obsession I took from the 90's in to adulthood is ........ Yep you've guessed it Disney! I'am obsessed with Disney, I have loads of dvd's, books oh and sing along cd's for the car! Thats a must in this family! I use to love my lion king set I really hope i can find one for the boys as I know Alfie would just love it!

What were you obsessed with? 
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