16 August, 2015

My Pregnancy Triggered Arthritis

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing or a nightmare depending on how you coped through yours. I actually loved being pregnant, it was my deliveries I didn't like. My body just doesn't understand that bit and both of my pregnancies ended up with traumatic deliveries.  If you want to hear about Archie's birth story please click here. 

After I had my first son Alfie I thought everything was healing well, I'm was getting around better  after my c section and starting to feel normal. However at 4 months postpartum I developed a swelling on my left knee and it restricted my movements. I went to my GP and was given some strong painkillers. This carried on for around about 11 months and then just disappeared. So I thought nothing more.

When I was pregnant with Archie I was fine until after he was born, again at 4 months postpartum I developed a swelling on my knee. This time it was much more painful and it was effecting several of my joints. The tablets I had used before were not even touching the pain, I was given so many different types of pain killers/inflammation tablets, but nothing really worked.

So the week before I attended BritMums Live I was given a knee aspiration, where they remove the fluid from my knee and then gave me a steroid injection, I didn't feel a thing but was crapping myself the whole time before and during the procedure. I'm such a wimp! And needle phobic!

The week after I had the aspiration I felt pretty normal, no pain, a little bit of stiffness, but I was able to attend BritMums Live and have a good time.
The week after BritMums Live my other knee started to swell.
So again I went to the doctors and again I was given a range of tablets to try but  this time was also referred to an Arthritis Clinic.

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, my doctors and consultant started me on Methotrexate which I had to take weekly as well as a weekly folic acid to help with any side effects. I also have to have monthly blood tests to make sure that the tablets aren't effecting my liver.

Ive had this problem for over a year now and it's been a really stressful time. At the beginning
 I found it physically difficult and painful to get on the floor to play with my children, to do simple tasks like opening a bottle or getting in the bath. I remember crawling in pain to just get to the bathroom. However Im not in a good place, I have no more pain or restrict in my joints there is a slight weakness to my right knee, but nothing that effects my daily life.

I wish I was put on the tablets sooner as it would of saved me all the pain I went through, but you know what it's like to see a specialist appointments take forever!
My medication has been adjusted due to it making me feel sick all the time and next month I have an appointment to see my specialist again to see if I can come off the tablets or if I have to stay on them.

Did your pregnancy ever triggered any medical problem?


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