20 January, 2015

Car Essentials - When travelling with children

It's so important to be prepared when out in the car especially when you have young children.
I have been preparing my own emergency car kit so that I can be prepared when out and about.

First up I have chosen my Diono bag to hold everything I need. The good thing about this bag is that it can be attached to the back of a seat as an in car organiser or if you prefer things hidden out the way, then it can be zipped up into a small tote bag.

De -icer and a blanket are two fairly important items. Most mornings the car is slightly frozen so this will safe me time and running back and forth getting warm water.
I also have 2 blankets in my car as I want one for both of the boys. Again its just to keep them warm and also if there was a break down I know the boys wouldn't be cold.

If you have children spare clothes are always required! Ive packed a spare outfit for Archie along with hats, gloves and a spare pair of trousers for Alfie.  you never know when your gonna need a change of clothes especially with a baby.

Snacks, drinks and entertainment are 3 important things when travelling with children. Alfie will always want a drink in the car even if we are taking a 10 min trip. So I make sure there is always a drink in the car.  Ive packed a chilli peep teat for Archie as these will clip on to most bottles and cartoons which makes it easier if I haven't got a spare bottle.
Snacks are always needed with children, I don't like to give the boys crisps and chocolate much so prefer to give them things like fruit and bread sticks. Ive packed these fruit flakes and breadsticks just because they will last longer in the car then fresh fruit.
A couple toys for entertainment will make car journeys that little bit easier for you and that little bit more fun for them.

Last but not least is changing items. Nappies and babies wipes are 2 things that should always be in a car if you have small children. The amount of times I've had to change Archie out in the car. Baby wipes, well they clean anything and everything. Hand sanitising gel just to be extra clean, A changing mat just incase and a small pot of sudocrem. 

What do you always travel with ? 

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