20 February, 2015

A Cheeky Chiquito's

I absolutely love Mexican food, it's probably my favourite cuisine. The food is full of flavour, colours and of course nachos!
Last Tuesday Liam and I went for a quick lunch at our nearest Chiquito's for an early valentines meal.
Unfortunately this year I spent the evening home alone with the kids as Liam had to work. So being that Tuesdays are his only day off we took advantage of the fact that we were one child down ( Alfie was at nursery) and hopped in the car to our local restaurant on the Green Bridge retail park, Swindon.

I really love how they have designed the interior and exterior to the Mexican theme, keeping it as authentic as possible really enhances the dining experience. I absolutely love the star lights inside as well!

The staff were extremely accommodating and extremely friendly, making sure we had all that we needed and giving Archie something to keep him occupied.
Our orders were taken quickly and our food arrived within 10-15 minutes, the dishes were hot and extremely delicious. I really could of eaten it twice over!  I ordered  chicken, chorizo and sweetcorn tacos and sweet potato fries, whilst Liam ordered prawn and chorizo skewers. We then ordered a side of nachos and Archie ate a children's portion of fish and chip with vegetables, for dessert we chose a portion of churros to share.

Chicken, Chorizo & Sweetcorn Tacos

Prawn & Chorizo Skewers




We were extremely surprised by how good the quality of the food is not only by the taste but also by the presentation. I remember going here a few years ago and thinking it was just ok, I can see that  they have definitely improved their standards which made a lovely meal out for us.  

I would love to know what your favourite Mexican dish is, please leave a comment in the box below. 


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