24 March, 2015

The Baby Bloggers: Bedtime Routine

Hey! Archie and Alfie here and today we are discussing our bedtime routine. Hopefully this may help any Mummies and Daddies suffering with their little ones and bedtime. Our mummy started this routine when Archie came home from hospital. I was co-sleeping with my mummy beforehand, but now I am a big brother I share a room with my baby brother and it's so much fun!

See our steps to bedtime below 

1. Start earlier - Bedtime starts way before actual bedtime!  - Our mummy starts after we have had our dinner which is about 4.45pm.
As soon as we have eaten we start the down time process, so no more running and jumping about!

2. Responsibilities - Mummy gives us each a responsibility, so after tea we will both put away our toys. Sometimes I have to do Archie's bit as he likes to put his toys in and take them all out again and which makes such a mess!

3. Five min break - Once all our toys have been tidied away mummy lets us watch a quick programme on our favourite channel, Disney Juniors whilst she gets our bath ready.

4. Be prepared - Mummy makes sure she has all our drinks / milk and teddies in our room for the rest of the night. ( This is where we can't catch her out she is too organised!)

5. Bath time and don't forget the bubbles! - This is my favourite bit mummy will make us a big bubble bath and fill it with some fun bath toys.  Mummy says she likes to use lavender bubble bath to help us relax and sleep well.

6. PJ's on! - Once we are all clean and mummy has applied our lavender baby lotion, mummy dresses us in our PJ's. I have Toy Story One and Archie has a blue and white stars one, we go to bed in style!

7. Milk and story - We love having a story read to us whilst drinking our milk, mummy makes sure the lights are down low and the blackout blind is up. Making it dark makes me feel really sleepy!

8. Brush those teeth! - We've had our milk now its time to clean our teeth. 

9. Teddies and Night lights - Mummy tucks us into our beds and makes sure we have our favourite teddies to join us.  We also have on Archie's slumber buddy that projects stars and planets on to the ceiling, It's so cool!!!

10. Leave the bathroom light on! -  Mummy turns all the upstairs lights off except our bathroom one. That way we have a little bit of light incase we get scared.

Extra helpful tips: 

Always be calm and patient during the bedtime routine, we can't react if you'r talking calmly, it also makes the whole process a lot more easier and enjoyable.

Be consistent, set your routine up and stick with it, the first couple of weeks are normally the hardest but we will get the hang of it very quickly if you keep to the schedule.

You can always use a reward chart if your little one needs that extra encouragement.

Speak to your child to see if there is anything that is worrying them or upsetting as this can effect them going to bed.

And that's our bedtime routine! Archie do you have anything to add??? 
...... Oh looks like he's fallen a sleep ! 

And last but not least, enjoy your peaceful evenings when us little ones are in all snuggled up in bed, you deserve it!


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