24 August, 2015

My Challenge with Contiboard

I've spent many hours building flat pack furniture, decorating and hanging frames on the wall. I like to think my DIY skills are pretty good so when the challenge from Contiboard came up I knew it was something I had to try.

I was asked to create my own piece of furniture from scratch, yep thats right scratch! No pre-made holes for screws or boards cut into the right shape etc. Everything would be made and done by myself to create my own piece of furniture!

Firstly I went on to their website to request their colour choices to see what was the match to my other furniture. I chose their vanilla wood, plain and white which matched the other furniture I already had in my conservatory/playroom.

I decided to build a large bookcase because the boys need more storage for all their toys and I was honestly fed up of looking at their ugly plastic toy chests we had. I designed my bookcase to be as tall as possible so that I had the opportunity to put as many storage baskets and toys on there as possible.

I was able to order from the Contiboard site extremely easy once I had all of my measurements on what I was planning to make.
The delivery was sorted out extremely efficiently, the only thing I could fault was the packaging of the Contiboard. some of the edges were damaged, however luckily I was able to cut it off. I did let the company know and there were happy to exchange the wood but I was most certain that I could cut those bits off without effecting my deign too much.  I think it would of been better if they had used foam edging opposed to the cardboard edging, foam would of protected it better during transport I reckon.

Now time to build me a bookcase! 

Because I didn't have the tools to cut my wood I popped over the road to my local timber's yard and asked if they could cut my wood down.

Once the children were in bed, because there was no way I could build this without them climbing over the top of it! I set out all the tools and all of my wood I need to create my furniture.

These were the steps I took to build my book case

  • Lay all four side out on the floor to create the outside of the book case. 
  • Starting with a side and the top panel , drill two holes in the side panel going through to the top panel.

  • Do this on both the top and bottom of each side panel.
  • Screw in the nails with an electric drill. 
  • Repeat on the other side panel, so that all four panels are joined together.

  • Turn the book case over and attach the back panels. 
  • Drill holes in the back panel and then add the screws. 

  • Once the back panels are securely fixed on lift the book case to a standing position . 

  • Mark out where you want your shelves to go, use a ruler and spirit leveller to make sure it's level, you don't want wonky shelves! 
  • Drill the holes for your brackets or wooden doweling pegs. 
  • I used wooden doweling pegs so I need strong wood glue to help keep the pegs in place and stop the shelves from falling off once items were placed on. 

  • Leave the glue to set. 
  • Place on the shelves. 
  • Add any finishing touches, and any trim if needed. 

Those were the steps I took to finish my book case and I had to admit it wasn't  as difficult as some of the flat pack furniture I have done in the past. 

The one issued I faced was where I wanted the book case to go, there were 4 plug sockets on the wall. I didn't want to loose these as they are my only source of power and my only light switch. It's also the biggest wall I have in there. The other side is half the width and I needed as much storage as possible. So to solve this I decided to create a cut out design, I needed to add panels to the back other wise it wouldn't of been stable enough to with hold any weight and it would of been a completely nightmare to cut out all of the sockets. So I added a thin panel to either side and left the middle panel open. 
That way I can access all the plugs and switches. I also like that I can see the bricks through it as the rest of the conservatory is glass. 

At the moment I have left the shelves pretty wide, I have extra shelves cut that I can add once Ive decide on the new storage baskets I want. 

My dad was very kind to come and help make sure I had everything level and that I was joining things up correctly. He even gave me a quick lesson in using an electric drill before letting me loose on the project. 

I think it turned out really good for my first piece of furniture and it fit's in well with all the other white furniture, no more ugly plastic toy boxes! 

One tip I have learnt during this process is to measure twice, and cut once! 


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