28 August, 2015

Planning a Christening on a Budget

Planning a christening can be expensive but it really doesn't need to be, here is how we planned our christening for under £100.

1. Pick your Godparents 

This can be one of the hardest decisions, we chosen 9 Godparents for Archie as each person had a quality we wanted around for our son's upbringing. As well as this our decision was helped by choosing people that were a permanent fixture in our son's life, there is no point in picking someone who never see's him or who doesn't have any contact with him. This was a really important factor as being a Godparent I think is a special honour and you shouldn't just give it to anyone so pick wisely!

We found that once we had decided who would be godparents it was easier to figure out who else to invite.

2. Make a guest list

Write a list of al the people you want to attend, this way you will know how many people to roughly cater for and where you can hold the after party.

3. Church or registry office  

We choose a church to have our son Christened in and for that there wasn't a fix fee but we were asked to give a donation, if you're having a naming celebration then you need to contact your local registry offer and I think there is a fixed fee and where I live it can cost as much as £200.

4. After party celebration  

We choose to have ours at home to keep the costs down, however that did mean we could only invite 35 guests.  You could rent out your village hall and if they are like ours then they may have a special discounted rate if you live in the village. I think ours is normally £11 an hour but £8 or £9 for people in the village. It's also good to see what the prices are for local schools and children centres as these may be cheaper options.

5. Invites

There are some really good websites for making printable invites or you could do homemade invites. Buy a pack of card and use paints to decorate the front, maybe with your child's foot print or a cross.
Or you could spend nothing and just send people a text and an invite on Fb because lets face it everyone is practically on fb!

6. Theme/Decor 

Once you have decided on where you want your party you need to pick a theme or colour scheme, we went from a blue and white Olaf theme. Yes I know it's not your usual theme for a christening but we are a Disney mad family and it was done extremely tasteful and not OTT!  We spent under £15 on decorations buying items cheaply from 99p stores and even making our own. The bunting hanging on the wall was from left over card I had lying around and some left over string I brought to tie the balloons up!
The table cloth was 99p as were the balloons. The only pricy item was the cut out Olaf at £9. You can also look online on eBay and amazon and party supply pages, look on their clearance pages for better deals.

We also decide not to hire any activities for the kids and instead just brought out suitable toys that we already had. If you are having your party away from home you could take a box of toys and if you have one a ball pool pit. That way your costs are kept to a minimum, if you wanted to hire a bouncy castle have a look on your local for sale pages and also asks friends your be surprised to what some people have or who they know.

7. Food 

Food really doesn't have to be as expensive as you think! I firstly made a list of what I wanted to roughly have. I picked a mix of food from pizza and sausage rolls to cous cous and salad, I then looked online for any coupons that I could use and then choose to shop for the rest online so I could find the best deals and compare against other supermarkets. I think our food came to about £40.

8. Cake 

Every party needs cake but you don't have to pay crazy money, I was lucky that my mum made our cake. There are so many options for cakes, you can buy one from a local cake maker (search on fb for sale pages for people in your area) you could buy one from a shop or you could get your British bake off on and make your own! You don't have to make a big cake why not make cupcakes they are cheap and cheerful to make and you can decorate them easy to your choose theme

9. Outfits 

You really don't need to go and spend £100's on new clothes you can revamp old dresses with new shoes and accessories and for the boys we put them in matching clothes we all ready had, so a white linen shirt, chinos and smart shoes, we only paid £3 for a tie for Archie to complete his look. Seems silly to waste a lot of money for something that will only be worn once.

10. Christening Gifts 

With both the boys we choose to give them a little present on their special day. Alfie had a white blanket with the date he was christened on with his name with a little gold cross on and Archie had a massive Olaf teddy as we thought it would be more age appropriate seeing as though he's 19 months old.  Plus he is Olaf obsessed and it was on sale for less than half price! So no brainer really.

So there you go 10 easy steps to plan an amazing christening on a budget! Let me know what your tips are for keeping the costs down!


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