31 August, 2015

The Santa Maria Fab Fajita Challenge

A few months ago I attended one of the biggest blogging events of the year, BritMums Live and there I met the lovely ladies at the Santa Maria stand. They were launching there Fab Fajita Challenge and with my family's love of Mexican food I had to take on the challenge.

We like to go very traditional with our fillings, there isn't anything weird or wacky I'm afraid. But what we do like is to explore with spices and seasoning.  
For this meal we made chicken fajitas along with chicken and prawn skewers and a side of nachos. 

For the task we were given a selection of products from the Santa Maria range, dips, tortillas and some JalapeƱos.  

I love cooking fajitas as they are so easy to make, even the most basic of cooks can do this. Literally all you need to do is ....
  • Cut and prep the vegetables you wish to use,
  • Cut your chosen meat, we have used chicken.  
  • Boil the chicken until it's cooked, 
  • Cook the veg in the frying pan 
  • Add the chicken to the veg and add the Santa Maria Fajita packet mix, make sure you add some water and cook until the packet mix is coated evenly over all the chicken and veg. 

Our special ingredient used was mustard seeds, so after we added the chicken into the veg we added a couple of teaspoons of mustard seeds before adding the packet mix. 

What do you like to have in your Fajitas? 


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