14 September, 2015

Angel Delight Cheat Cake

 Archie is starting to take an interest in baking but because he still a bit too young to help me I thought I would put together a really simple way for him to experience "baking". 

I popped to my local Morrison's and picked up the following ingredients.

- Flan Case ( you can use big ones or small ones depending on what you want to make) 
-2 packets of Angel Delight 
- Tube of sprinkles

We started off my making the angel delight, because we were using a large flan case I made two packets up and followed the instructions on the packet then leaving it to chill in the fridge for about 10 mins.

Once the angel delight was ready we opened up the flan case, I then provided Archie with a spoon to help distribute the delight onto the flan base evenly.  Archie really enjoyed this and even more  licking the spoon clean, I had to ask him to wait until he had covered the base as he was trying to eat it straight off the cake base. 

We then added sprinkles to finish off the cake, you could also use fruit or chocolate grated over the top depending on your preference. 

It's such an easy thing to make, taking under 15 minutes which is just long enough for Archie as at this age he has the attention span of a goldfish! 
His favourite part was playing with the Angel Delight mixture as he was allowed the left over, he really enjoyed get his hands in and feeding himself, Archie always love messy play and even better if he can eat it!

Have you ever made an Angel Delight cake ? 


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