18 September, 2015

Barking Rad Subscription Box

Daisy is a valued member of our family and occasionally we like to give her the odd treat. 
A few weeks ago I discovered a company called Barking Rad, a company that sells monthly subscription boxes for dogs.
Each month you..... well your pet will be sent a box with a selection of goodie, and even better all the items are handmade in the UK. So you will know exactly what's in each of the product or what it's made from, it's also good to know your helping local businesses. You can selection from a choice of three boxes, The foodie, The original and The Allergy one. Each box is priced at £24.95 and there is the option to buy just one box or to have a monthly subscription set up. 

So what do you get in the subscription box ? 

This is the Original box and as you can see it comes with a selection of goodies for your pampered pooch.

Moustache Toy

I thought this was super cute and the perfect size for Daisy, I love the design and the corduroy material. Made by My Person Loves Me, it's a simple but chic design which is soft and easy to play with. I was slightly disappointed there was no squeaker in it, but then again I would probably of wanted to remove it if Daisy kept squeaking it! 

Doggy Beer 

This is a special formulated non-alcoholic, gravy flavoured dog beer made by Barkers Brew. It only says to give a small amount at a time and it can be used to go over dried biscuit or to go in their water. 
I thought this was quiet a funny/comical dog gift however Daisy wasn't too keen on it but then she is a bit fussy. Her boyfriend Parsley loves it though! 

Paw Salve 

It's hard work being on your feet all the time and dogs especially can get really dry and cracked pads. 
Daisy loved having this by Coconut Blush massaged on to her paws and better yet it's completely safe if she wanted to lick it, which she did! I do have to admit it smelled pretty good so no wonder she wanted a taste. 

Doggie Donuts

Donuts are not exactly a healthy option for dogs, however these donuts by Arton & Co are completely dog safe. Containing ingredients such as, wholemeal flour, oats, olive oil and peanut butter. All ingredients are safe for your dog to enjoy! As Homer Simpson says mmmmm donuts!!!!

Gourmet Treats 

Harry's Treats are a Scottish based company providing high quality gourmet treats for your dogs. With no artificial colourings or preservatives and all homemade you be assured that your dogs are getting the most natural of ingredients. 
But the most important thing is what does Daisy think of them? Well she would eat the bag in one go if I hadn't of put them up out of reach. Paws up from Daisy on this one.
Bonus for me is that they don't have that over powering dog biscuit scent which just gives me a massive headache. 

I really like this idea of a dog subscription box and they would be a perfect gift for a new dog owner.

You can also follow Barking Rad on Facebook and Twitter

*I was sent this box for review, all opinions and photos are my own 

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