18 September, 2015

Girls Night In

As a mother going out in the evenings is a very rare occasion, especially when babysitters can be hard to arrange, so I like to have a girls night in every now and then. It's great to just relax with my friends have some food watch a dvd and forget about all the stresses of the day. 
Below I m going to share with you ideas for a perfect girls night in!


No girls night in is without food, weather it be a takeaway, a home cooked meal or even just some popcorn and chocolate. Something to eat or nibble on is a definite must in my books. I personally love Nachos for a girls night in. 


A good film never fails, I love to put on a film such as Pretty Woman, Bridget Jones, The Notebook or anything with Adam Sandler in for a laugh.  I also love to to put on a Disney film, but beware singing along always happens! 


If you are a fan of bingo and bingo sites why not invite your friends over and play online, sites like bgo, Gala and Foxy bingo have array of games for you and your friends to play.
At the moment bog is offering a £5 no deposit bonus so it's a great way to enjoy the evening and you may go home a few £'s richer.

If your big baking fans and love watch the Great British Bakeoff then why not get together and take it in turns to produced a simple dessert, then share it with everyone in the group. 

Have you seen my quick and delicious recipes for a Banoffee Pie and an Angel Delight cake ?


I love to pamper myself, when the kids are in bed there is nothing better than repainting my chipped nails and putting on a face mask to refresh my skin.
Bring the girls around and have a big pampering session you could even ask a local beauty therapist to come over to give you all treatments! 


(Image from Google) 

Im not a massive drinker but for those who do like to drink make sure that when you have the girls over to stock up on a couple bottles of your favourite drink, may it be wine, cider or even a soft drink for those who aren't drinking. Its always nice to spoil yourself in little ways. 

Host a party 

(Image from Goolge)

There are so many different companies that now host parties in your home from The Body shop, Forever living to Ann Summers. 
Why not ask your friends and female family member over for a fun night and with the possibility to have a bit of retail therapy in the comforts in your own home. 

What kind of things do you and your friends like to do on a girls night in? 


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