22 September, 2015

School Hacks for Parents

2 weeks ago I became a mother to a primary schooler and let me tell you primary school is on a whole other level to preschool and nursery!!

At preschool we had a routine, but it was very laid back and not much was asked of us from the pre school. However, in the last 3 weeks of Alfie starting Primary school I've had a letter practically every day with some sort of form or fee to pay and items / projects to bring in.  My son has created almost double the amount of washing because his uniform is always covered in some form of craft/paint/muddy activity, so I need to up my game!

I'm stepping up my organising routine with these helpful tips to help make life a little bit easier!

1. If you have more than one child, put all their school items in a labelled basket. You can put everything from their uniform to their bags, coat and shoes in. That way each child has everything they need in one place, no more running around looking for the other missing shoe or that swim cap you swore you put in the top draw!

2. Pre make all pack lunches the night before, it will save you time and if you are low on anything you can also grab it the night before. Just leave it all in the fridge until you are ready to leave.

3. Make sure you have enough uniform, there is nothing worse then finding out you didn't wash that toothpaste stained jumper the night before! Yes I've already done that!

4. Have a designated area for school kit, I keep all of Alfie's stuff in the bottom of his wardrobe in a basket. Every day he puts his bags away in his wardrobe ready for me to find and sort out for the next day. It also means his book bag isn't getting kicked around the house.

5. Put all homework and letters into a letter tray, it will keep everything neat in one place and you can keep on top of your child's school work.

6. Make a meal plan for the week, Alfie comes home starving every singe day all that learn is hungry work!
I've been planning all my meals in advanced and even pre-making some of my meals. Chopping vegetables and freezing them will save you 5 - 10 mins and on days when you know you are going to be stuck for time why not pre make something healthy and tasty the night before? The boys love a cottage pie or pasta bake and they both freeze well.

7. If your child has lots of activities and clubs after school make notes on your fridge, notepad or phone anywhere so you don't forget! If you want to be super organised then a chart on the wall is perfect for keeping track on everyone.

8. Breakfast time can be a hassle so why not set the table the night before or leave out most of the stuff you will need.

9. Turn the tv off! I find that if the Tv is on in the morning Alfie gets too distracted and takes twice as long to do anything. So whilst he is getting dressed and eating the Tv is turned off.

10. School trip money, I know Alfie is going to be bringing home lots of slips for trips, non school uniform days and what not so I am now putting any left over change from the week into a pot. This way if I need to hand in some money to the school I have it ready at home.  Also if you put a bit of money in each week it won't seem too bad when you get a rather large fee to pay!

Do you have any tips for making life that little bit easier when you have children in school?


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