14 October, 2015

Helpful Advice to New Drivers

It will be 7 years this November since I first passed my driving test, I cant remember what it's like not to be able to drive. Driving has given me so much freedom and even more independence, I can take my children on day trips out and I can take my car to the shops if it's pouring it down with rain, I don't feel so restricted.

I do remember my first time driving without an instructor and I was nervous, knowing that I didn't have anyone else to help me or to control the car if there was a problem. Below I have put together a few points on how to build your confidence as a new driver and what things you should really know about your car.

To build up my confidence I stuck to driving in areas that I knew. I choose to drive around my local town, driving at different times for example in and out of rush hour. Sticking to familiar areas will mean you are confident in not getting lost, knowing the signs and road layouts so it's a few less things to worry about. You could also ask a friend or family member to come out with you.

I also choose to learn about my car more, unfortunately my other half knows as much about cars as he does about make up..... nothing!  I took it on myself to not to rely my dad for help but to learn for myself and it's been pretty useful. For example knowing when you need to change your oil as some cars need it done more than others. My car is a Toyota Corolla Verso and it drinks the stuff so I know every 500 or so miles I need to change it, keeping an eye on the oil will help prevent any damage to the engine and that's one big bill you want to avoid!

To change oil it's really simple all you need to do is pop open the bonnet, find the oil dipstick, pull it out, wipe the dipstick on a cloth to clean any oil from it, reinsert the dipstick into the hole and pull it out again to check the oil levels. You will see on the stick there is a min and max line and you want your oil levels in the middle. If they are closer to the minimal level top up so its closer to the max line.
I found that to get your true oil levels you should test on flat ground and leave the car to settle for 10 mins after it's been moved/driven.

I also make sure I keep an eye on my water, screen wash and tyre pressure.  I check my levels once a month at my local garage and it takes less then 5 mins to top up if needed. These simple things help you drive more efficiently and can even save money! If you neglect one area in your car it can do more damage then you realise!

The last thing I would say is extremely helpful to any driver is learning to change a tyre! I've been in that situation and it's a really useful skill to have! It's also good to know what size your tyres are as you can check online, for example Point-s.co.uk website has a wide variety of tyres that you can choose from, finding the right tyre for you and at the best price, it will also tell you the nearest Point S depot. You can find you tyre by entering your tyre size which can be found on the tyre itself or you can just enter your registration number instead.
I don't know about you but I would prefer to choose the right tyre and be able to see where its cheaper   cars are an expensive luxury, so anywhere I can save money without sacrificing on quality is a no brainer for me.

What helpful advice would you give to a new driver ?  


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