18 November, 2015

The Guinea Pigs // Meet Lilo & Stitch

Some of you will know especially if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, in September we expanded our family with two more additions........ Meet Lilo and Stitch our two female Guinea Pigs! 

13 November, 2015

5 Ways To Help Boost Your Immune System

With Autumn and Winter slowly approaching I am trying to think of ways to boost my immune system to keep those pesky bugs and colds away. 

Below I have listed 5 ways to help boost your immune system. 

1. Drink 

A lot of us don't drink enough, especially water, I know I don't. Drinking plenty of fluids when ill will help keep your body hydrated as well as helping to flush any bugs through your system, they say you should aim for about 2 litres a day. 

As well as drinking water, ginger and honey in hot water is extremely beneficial not only will it help sooth sore throats but will also help clear sinuses and boost your immune system. I've started to drink more of this regardless if I'm ill or not. Ginger has so many health benefits, from reducing inflammation, to pain reduction and reducing sickness. I remember when I was pregnant I lived of Ginger biscuits for the first 12 weeks!  

2. Eating Well 

Eat plenty of foods packed with vitamins and minerals. Foods such as kale, fish, garlic, ginger, fennel and blueberries are perfect for the fight against colds.  Prepare from fresh and make some delicious homemade meals not only will they taste great but you will be packing yourself with all the goodness your body needs. 

3. Supplements 

Supplements are a perfect way to up your daily intake of vitamins, there are many supplements to choose from to get the best for you pop into your local pharmacy or Holland and Barrett and ask for more info. 

4. Sleep 

Rest and sleep as much as you can, aim to sleep for at least 8 hours a night. That is a lot easier said then done if your a parent, but once the kids are in bed get an early night yourself. Sleeping helps your body to repair and protect to fight off colds so get those zzz's in whilst you can. 

5. Exercise 

Exercising is a perfect way to get you in shape but did you know its also good for preventing colds? Moderate exercise helps to strengthen the immune system.  I would prefer to hit the gym or go for a bike ride to up my cardio each week. Going out on your bike is much cheaper than a gym membership, if you don't have a bike you can get some fantastic bike bargains online.  If you don't have time to go to the gym then why not try a fitness videos from home.

What do you do to help prevent colds?


04 November, 2015

Extreme Couponing

A few of you will know that I love a bargain. I love to shop for sales and I also love coupons!
This post was requested through my own personal Facebook account so for all my friends and anyone else, this is my personal guide to couponing.

Over the last couple of years, coupons and the activity of couponing has become rather popular. I started to coupon because I saw the American show of Extreme Couponing and thought why can't we do something like that here? At the time I was also pregnant and babies are expensive! I wanted to save our family money and I see no shame in using coupons.

In the beginning, I wasn't sure where to find the coupons so I took to good old Google for help. There is a list of couponing sites that have done all the hard work for you, all you need to do is click on and see what coupons you want!

So the sites I personally use for coupons and freebies are:

Latest Free Stuff
Magic Freebies 
Free Stuff
Coupon Shop 
Hot Uk Deals 
Voucher Codes 
Super Savvy Me

Most of the sites are updated daily som weekly but you will always be able to find the newest deal, coupon or freebie.

I  also use Facebook for an easy way of receiving any new coupons or glitches.
What is a glitch I hear a few of you say? A glitch is when there is an error most of the time you can end up getting items for much less then they are supposed to be. Sometimes you can end up using several codes at one time or you can get offers that overlap etc. These have to be done quickly though as when people know it can crash the site and as soon as the company spots the error they can easily remove it.

I use these the following Facebook sites for  quick alerts and deals:

10 ways to have more money as a student

Uk extreme couponing and freebies

Extreme couponing UK 

Here is my guide to become an extreme couponer

1.  Multiple coupons - Most coupons won't let you print doubles so use several email accounts!

2. Overage -  Say you brought a pizza for £1.00 but you had a £1.50 coupon, some stores will actually let you use the overage on your other items. 

3. Email / write to companies - Just say how much you like their products and some will send you vouchers in return. 
I emailed Special K to say how much I loved their cereal when pregnant and they sent me £5 in coupons!

4. Use store point cards - If you use your cards enough every now and again you can receive special money off coupons. Boots, Tescos, Nectar, and Morrisons are my favorite ones. 

5. Save all your store card points - Every year we save our store card points so that at Christmas we can use them for presents. On certain cards, you can boost your points by almost 4 times! Think how much you could have and save towards christmas!

6. Bulk Buy - If there is a good offer or glitch this is the time to bulk buy!

7. Plan - If you need a gift or an item start looking before the time you actually need it as your more likely to get it on offer!

As you can see these are really easy and basic tasks. There is no real secrete to couponing, just depends if you are prepared to spend a couple hours on the computer searching and printing them.
I really get a buzz watching my bill come down, the other day I bought £12 worth of pizza for nothing!

Shaz wanted to know how I get deals like this, this is where you become an extreme couponer.....

I printed off several coupons which I got off the boxes of previous Ristorante pizzas. You have to get the code off the box and then you enter them online and they email you 2 coupons. 1 is worth £1.00 and the other was worth £1.50. These pizzas were on offer in store at £1.50 so using my several coupons I was able to bulk buy.

To break it down incase anyone is confused:

1 box = 1 x £1 & 1 x £1.50 coupons

 If I had 4 coupons I would have 2 x £1 and 2x £1.50.  So I could get 2 free pizzas using the two  £1.50  coupons, with the two £1 coupons I could either get 2 more pizzas and pay the 50p difference or I could use it for one pizza and have a 50p overage. If the store allows overages then I could buy another item for 50p and get that for free too.

Always check the T&C of the coupons and of the store before using your coupons.
The pizza coupons say only 1 voucher per person but most of the time the cashier never checks and it just goes through. You can also use self checkouts as this is sometimes easier to use coupons.

I hope this is of some help and if there are any other questions you have please leave them below. 
Happy Couponing! 

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