10 Ways To Save Money At Christmas

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I'm a newbie to the whole couponing side of saving money, but in the short amount of time I've been doing it I have already saved £100's.

Christmas is just around the corner and so far I have already saved over £500 on presents.  How did I do that? Well the simple answer is by planning and taking advantages of coupons, deals and glitches.

Today Im going to share with you my top 10 tips on how you can save money and get the most from your money at Christmas.

1. Start on Boxing Day 

Some of you who know me will know that for me Christmas for the following year starts on Boxing Day, Yes this may be a bit premature but you can really save yourself a lot of money. Every Year I wake up or go to bed late to take advantage of those boxing day deals online.  You can end up buying rolls of wrapping paper for as little as 5p a roll! I always like to stock up and if I can buy neutral wrapping paper then it can be used all year round.  I also do the same with Christmas cards and stocking fillers as these are normally extremely cheap with some places offering up to 75% off.

2. Make a List 

Write a list of all the people you have to buy for, you can even include a budget per person if you like.
I use a table that I created in Word,  see example below. It helps me keep track of who Im buying for and what I've brought, however in this example I've not included that due to family members reading my blog.

3. Present Ideas 

I always make a list of the things I think or know people I'm buying for would like. I also over the course of a year make little mental notes of things they may of said they liked or would liked and jot it down when home so that I have an idea of what to get them. It helps me save money as I won't buy the wrong present and I have the time to find that perfect gift for the best price over the course of the year.

4. Deals 

Always look for the deals first, never pay full price unless you really have too! Would you rather pay full price for say three items when you could of saved the price of one if you used another store that had it on offer on 3 for 2.  So use good old Google and other search engines to help you find the gifts you are looking for and any sale that are currently live.  This is where my idea list comes in handy as I can search for specific items and check online sales.

5. Store Sales

During the run up to Christmas some store put on secret sales, for example a couple of weeks ago I went to the Sainsburys toy sale. I know it's on every Oct but the date may not always be the same and they do not advertise the date in advanced so I keep a check on these things by using couponing and money saving Facebook groups as the dates normally get leaked.
I save over £60 on gifts in the Sainsburys Toy sale, so it really pays to be patient and organised.

6. Coupons

If you aren't a couponer then now is a perfect time to start, there are many websites with free downloadable coupons which you can use on a variety of items from food and pet items to beauty and baby.  Be clever with your coupons and wait until then become on offer in store as then you can potentially get your items for free! If you want to know more about couponing then checkout my previous post here.
Also if you have a store card like a Boots, Tescos and Nectar watch out for your christmas coupons!

7. Apps 

Downloading apps such as Checkout Smart and voucher codes will also give you another platform to get money off items. All you have to do is find an item on the list and check for a money back offer or online voucher. If your using Checkout Smart you can take a picture of the barcode and then upload the receipt, once you've done this you will be rewarded to your account on the app and once you reach a certain amount you can withdraw into your own bank account. Very handy for food over the festive season and if you combine it with actual coupons you can basically walk away with free food.

8. Glitches 

I love using couponing Facebook groups such as Extreme Couponing and Freebies for finding glitches. If your unsure to what a glitch is then it's an error on a product online or sometimes in store. Normally the items are at really reduce price and sometimes you can even stacks this with promotional codes and offers. However with a glitch you have to be quick and sometimes stores don't honour them however I have in the past had a bit of luck so its always worth a try!

9. Discounted Website 

I love love love love love! using sites like Wowcher and Groupon they are perfect for finding gifts for Christmas, they are also great for days out and events so do go and have a look. I would be extra careful when ordering though as sometimes I've had to wait longer for delivery on certain items so bear that in mind when shopping close to Christmas Day.

10. CashBack Websites 

Ive been using the website TopCashBack to earn cash back on any online shopping I've been doing so that means using it for the food shop and christmas presents. All you do is sign up to create an account and instead of just going to the shop you want to shop on you pop on to TopCashBack first and then search the store in the search bar.  You can then choose the cash back options and then click to be taken to the store, then you shop as normal and after you've paid your account will be credited.
Ive earnt a nice amount so far and can now withdraw it, however I'm going to keep it to start for next Christmas  I may as well as I'm almost finished with this years Christmas.

I hope you have found these tips useful and if you would like more posts like this please leave me a comment below.

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