18 November, 2015

The Guinea Pigs // Meet Lilo & Stitch

Some of you will know especially if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, in September we expanded our family with two more additions........ Meet Lilo and Stitch our two female Guinea Pigs! 

Our eldest had been asking for them for a while and so for his birthday his wish was granted. We've now had the girls for 8 weeks and they have happily settled into our home, our dog is still very much intrigued by them and little Archie is so obsessed, he makes sure he says hello to them whenever we go up stairs or down stairs. He also loves to help me feed and clean them and he is always shouting Girls! It's so cute seeing his interaction with them, he is also extremely gentle with them too!

Choosing the names were a funny experience, Alfie really wanted two girls but when asking him about their names he said he wanted to call them Richard and Alexander. In the end we came up with Lilo and Stitch. Pretty fitting for this Disney mad family don't you think!

So let's find out more about the girls....... 


  • Lilo is the cream one
  • She is the calmest out of the two
  • Loves being cuddled 
  • She can be lazy 
  •  Carrots are her favourite  
  • She hates courgettes 
  • Favourite hobby is to eat all day!
  • Loves to swim in the bath 
  • Archie's favourite guinea pig 
  • Extremely friendly and happy little piggy 


  • The grumpy one
  • Friendly but prefers men to women 
  • Hates being brushed 
  • Will eat everything 
  • Chews everything 
  • Very vocal little piggy 
  • Loves to swim 
  • Has an impressive mohawk
  • Bunny hops every time she is put back in a clean cage
  • Loves to sit in the large pocket in Liam's hoodie 
  • The cheeky one out of the two 

                 Do you have any guinea pigs? If so how many do you have and what are their names? 


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  1. Ekk! Andrea Lilo and Stitch are such cutie pies! Love love your blog just reading through more of your posts :D. Katie x


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