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10 Things To Expect When Having Children

Before becoming I parent I had an idea of what to expect, due to having younger siblings. But not everyone gets early preparation, so I thought it would be fun to give you an insight to some of things you can expect once you become a parent.

1.  Say goodbye to your dignity

 After 19 hours in labour with my first I didn't care who was looking at my bits and pieces, I was just uncomfortable and in pain and wanted him out!  I ended up having to go in for an emergency c section, so I had no choice they saw everything.

2. You become your parents 

 I remember certain phrases my parents would say to me like, "I'll tell you when your older" or "because I said so" and now these words and phrases are coming out of my mouth! I remember the first time I did that and remember thinking oh god I'm just like my parents!

 3. Be prepared to never go to the toilet alone!

 I thought I would be ok but what was I thinking, a trip to the toilet normally ends up with a five year old chatting to me about his latest dilemma, and a soon to be two year old trying to flush the toilet whilst I'm on it. Oh and even the dog has to follow me!

4. Baby wipes will become your best friend!

Those little white wipes are literally a parents holy grail, they clean up the kids as well as the house. I have used baby wipes to wipe down surfaces, clean the car and even clean the dogs with. I literally have baby wipes stock piled in the house and car because they are my most needed item.

5. Haunted by Peppa Pig

 Even when your kids are in bed I guarantee at one point you will find yourself in the living room with Peppa bloody pig still on the tv, wondering why and how you still even have it on. I can't for the life of me stand that show!

6. Bribery

If Archie is in one of those moods where he cant sit still and I have a massive list of chores to do I grab my iPhone, Google Chromecast YouTube to my tv and give him half and hour of blind bag videos. I then have 30 mins to wiz around the house like Taz the Tasmanian devil tidying up before it finishes!

7. A quiet child is never a good thing!

If your child is quiet under the age of 5 it means they are doing something they don't want you to know! Sudocrem on the floor, make up over the bed or emptying the contents of the bin, you name it if they are quiet you are in trouble my friend!

8.  The more children you have the easier it gets!

I'm two years in to having two children and actually I agree, however to test this theory come back and ask me once I've had baby no.3 !

9. You will do anything for 5 minutes of peace.

It may mean making a sacrifice such as giving them something messy to do, but do what ever it takes! I usually hide in the kitchen with a cup of tea, you really do end up cherishing those 5 mins, so grab them when you can!

10.  You will never find a love like  , having children is the best thing ever. Yes you have the good the bad and the damn right ugly but those moments (the ugly) are few are far between.  When your child says their first word or hits a new milestone, when they sit on your lap for what seems likes hours wanting a cuddle or when they express their love for you through kisses and pictures they have drawn it becomes the most emotional and amazing moment in your life.

What would you tell someone who was expecting their first child? 

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