07 January, 2016

Creating a Fresh Work Space

 Today's post is to show you how you can create a chic and spacious working area in your home. 
I think as a blogger one of our favourite things is creating our own little space, it may be a spare room turned into an office or even a nook in the corner of a bedroom. Where ever you choose to put your working space make it something you love and something that inspires you.

I normally sit in the living room on the sofa, but as I'm finding, I'm easily getting distracted by the tv! So I've been braining storming my perfect set up.
So for anyone wanting some inspiration and ideas here is mine.

I found this white desk from Ikea, its simple and has that clean minimalistic look which I love and its at such a fab price meaning more money to spend on accessories! 
To go with the desk, I have picked this Eames style chair from Amazon priced in at a very reasonable £24.95 and to make it extra comfy I'm adding this white faux fur rug also from Ikea to drop over the inside of the chair to keep me nice and cosy as I work.

Be inspired when you work with some inspirational quotes, you can buy your own or make your own via PicMonkey there are so many things you can choose from.  I may make my own and choose my favourite Disney quotes!
 A stylish clock to go on the wall, I love this copper one from The Range along with a candle, plant and colour themed note book to finish off the look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more of these then please leave me a comment in the box below. 

Desk // Ikea £23 
Dream Quote // Note On The High Street £7.12
Eames Chair // Amazon £24.95
Grey Note Book // John Lewis £5.50 
Candle // Dunelm Mill £4.79 
Faux Fur Rug // Ikea £10
Potted Plant // Ikea £10 
Clock // The Range £19.99


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