03 January, 2016

Makeup Revolution // Ultra Salvation Lip Collection

I was out in town the other day checking out some of the boxing day sales when I picked up this Ultra Salvation Lip collection by Makeup Revolution.

I am already a big fan of Makeup Revolution especially their eyeshadows, which I tend to use most days because they are super pigmented and last. So I was hoping that their lipsticks would be the same and as Ive never tried any of their lip products before I thought I would pick myself a pack to try.

The kit comes with 6 different shades, a nude, light pink, barbie hot pink, an intense red to a bright purple and a gothic dark purple. The collection is in a lovely black matt box with an inside rose gold tray where each individually packed lipstick sits in. I love the packaging for Makeup Revolution products the matt black and tones of gold and rose gold always makes it look super sleek and expensive.

I love the range of shades, there is literally something for every occasion / look but the real question is how did they turn out once I tried them out ?

As well as there being 6 different shades there is also  3 different kinds of finishes. There are 2 in Ultra Velour these are the hot pink and the dark purple. They stay on so well that it can be a bit of a task to remove off the lips, my swatches are still on my arm a day later so bare that in mind before applying.  But it's great because once its on it's not going to rub off with food or just general wear like a lot do so great if you want your colour to last all day plus they are really bold and the coverage is even.

As well as the Ultra Velour there are two Velvets, the nude and light pink. These have a very creamy almost mousse like feel when applying. They also dry to a matt finish, however I found these didn't last as long and found myself needing to reapply. Due to the texture they did move quiet a lot on my lips so I ended up using a lip liner to coat my lips with first and then applied the lipstick over the top and that seemed to help.

The last finish is called Intense, this applies to the red and the bright purple lipsticks.  These have a high shine to them so if you like glossy lips then these will be the one for you!  Im more of a matt kind of girl so these were my least favourite, I also found them a bit trickier to apply as they seem to bleed and be a bit sticky so a lip liner would be a must for these, I also found that the bright purple one didn't have a very even coverage some areas seemed more patch and others darker.

After trying out the shades and finishes I have decided that I would purchase more in the Ultra Velour  range and possibly the Velvet. I really like the finish and long-lasting of the Ultra Velour and I especially love the nude in the velvet range.  Considering I got these on sale and paid under £5 they weren't too bad and would be a great gift for someone looking to experiment with colours and different textures.

Have you tried the Ultra Salvation Lip Collection?  
Let me know you thoughts on the products in the comment box below. 


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