01 January, 2018

Quick & Healthy Meal Ideas

Like so many others  I'm trying to make it a goal to eat more healthy by making better food choices. Over the last 2 years I have been pretty slack with eating healthy and as a result, I have put on 2 stone. This year I want to make a change and make better decisions about the foods I eat. 

I hate the word diet so that isn't what this is, this is about eating the foods I love but making it a healthier option. So I came up with a few of my favourite healthy meal ideas for those wanting to do the same. 

All the meals are simple and quick to make and perfect for that busy family on the go! 

Sweet Chilli Salmon with Kale and Broccoli 

Instead of having my Salmon with rice I have substituted it for kale which is rich in vitamins especial, vitamins K and C which are good for blood coagulation and healthy skin and bones. 

Poached Eggs on Bacon and Spinach 

My alternative to a fry up! Spinach is fantastic for lowering cholesterol and boosting the immune system.  I then grill the bacon and poach the eggs. 
For those wanting to keep your bread make sure you use wholemeal or brown bread instead of white bread. 

Turkey Taco Mince with Spinach in a Wrap 

 Turkey Lettuce Tacos

I love Mexican food but it can be calorific so I make sure I use as many vegetables as possible to bulk out the dish. I find that this makes it cheaper to feed us but also I can easily get two meals out of it. For those wanting to be super healthy take away the wrap and use lettuce leafs as wraps. I'm still converting the kids on this one so for them they will have a wholemeal tortilla wrap. 

Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry 

For this, I have left out the noodles and used some of my favourite veggies, there is such a wide range of veggies you can use I personally love to use broccoli, baby sweetcorn, peppers and onions and I always pack a ton of fresh ginger and garlic in. 

Stuffed Pepper with Salad 

Vegetable Couscous 

For the days where I'm hungrier than normal, I use couscous to bulk out my meal. Couscous doesn't make me feel heavy and bloated like pasta, bread and rice so a bowl of this normally packed with veg is enough to carry me through the afternoon until dinner.  It's also a cheap meal so if you're looking for a fulfilling meal but also looking to save money on your weekly food shop then this meal is perfect. 

Chicken and Humous Flatbread 

 I love a toasted sandwich but again the calories can very quickly add up depending on the filling so to have something similar I toast a wholemeal flatbread and add some salad and chicken breast. Instead of using butter or mayo I add some hummus its all about balance and making healthier options. 


The last thing I will be trying to eat more of is salads, I always find it harder to eat salads in the winter but I'm going to try and make more wintery salads using hot meat and warm boiled eggs. 


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