19 February, 2016

Toddler Baking Ideas

One of my favourite activity to do with the boys is baking, its something we can all play a part in and the boys love licking the spoon! 
From pretty cupcakes to jammy jam tarts you'll love our selection of favourite baking ideas, perfect for even the youngest of bakers. 


These are super easy to make and the boys love to get messy mixing everything and then putting it all in the cases.
The good thing with cupcakes is that you can be as creative as you like!

Millionaire Shortbread 

This was a super quick recipe and there was no baking required! The only thing is that you do need to do is wait for the shortbread and chocolate to set, we watched a movie in-between to pass the time! 

Chocolate Eggs 

I bought this mould one easter and use it occasionally to make the boys little chocolate treats. 
I have my eye on some Disney ones so we can make some cute Mickey Mouse chocolates! 


We love to make these chocolate ones with white chocolate chunks inside. Alfie loves making these as he can get his hands messy in the bowl!  

Rice Krispy Squares 

This is my childhood in one! These were so popular, I remember them being in every school cake sale or baking class. 
You can make them into squares or in cupcake cakes, you can ombre them, you can drizzle chocolate on them, cover them with sprinkles! There are so many combinations!

Angel Delight Mini Flan's 

Probably one of the quickest recipes and no baking required. 
Just buy some mini flan cases, make some angel delight and add to the flan cases, chop a couple strawberries up and sprinkle some chocolate flake over the top. 
A yummy treat made in minutes!

 Jam Tarts 

Yummy jam tarts that can be made with a variety of flavouring. All we did for this was cut out circles from the puff pastry using Archie's bottle top and placed them in a greased up cupcake tin. We then added a small teaspoon of strawberry jam and cooked until the pastry had risen and had turned golden. 

I hope this post was useful, what things do you and your children like to bake? 


15 February, 2016

Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit Review

Before having Archie I was really getting into my fitness. I would go to the gym up to 5 days a week, my eating was good with no bad snacking and my fitness levels were the best they have ever been. But then unexpectedly I was bless with my second pregnancy and from there all my hard work literally went in the bin.


10 February, 2016

Home Hero With Phil Spence

Since moving into our home 4 years ago we have hardly done much to make it our own. When we moved we were upscaling from a tiny 1 bed house to a large 3 bed and so it took time and money to but the furniture we needed.

09 February, 2016

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Today's post is all about my new favourite foundation, the Ultra HD by Make Up For Ever.
For me the foundation is the most important part when creating my daily look. It has to be the right colour, the right texture, and it has to look flawless.
Over the years I have tried so many different types of foundations and this may be the one I've been waiting for!

05 February, 2016

Friction Free Shaving Review

One of the things I never seem to buy when I go shopping is razors. I always have them on my list but they rarely end up in my basket. I think the thing that puts me off is that they seem to be so expensive, so I normally opt for the cheaper throw away ones, but if I sat and worked it out I'm probably spending more money doing it this way!  I also find that women's razors dry out much quicker then mens so when my partner buys his replacement blades I have often taken a new one out and used it on my razor. Shhh he doesn't know this! And if he doesn't he does now!
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