10 February, 2016

Home Hero With Phil Spence

Since moving into our home 4 years ago we have hardly done much to make it our own. When we moved we were upscaling from a tiny 1 bed house to a large 3 bed and so it took time and money to but the furniture we needed.
 I then became pregnant and so our spare money went towards the new baby and then afterwards something would always come up to put our next project further down on the to do list.
So far this year we have decided that we are going to tackle 2 areas of the house by the summer.  We hope buy doing it this way we won't pressure ourselves, and there will be more chance of getting those areas finished so we can start the next areas.

My main goal is to get the garden sorted this year, every year I have wanted a beautiful garden to sit in and let the boys play in, but so far it remains in a plain and uninviting condition.
I have been taking a look Phil Spencer's Home Hero series in particularly the Small garden, Big Ideas video,  on how to create an inviting and multipurpose garden without breaking the bank.

For me I would like an area for the children to play in and a separate area for the pets, I really like the idea of decking and some low maintenance plants that won't die if I forget to water them.  This video has been so helpful with advice on lawn maintenance and cute little potted plants instead of flower beds, I think I may have some inspiration for my own garden.

* This is a collaborative post 


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