15 February, 2016

Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit Review

Before having Archie I was really getting into my fitness. I would go to the gym up to 5 days a week, my eating was good with no bad snacking and my fitness levels were the best they have ever been. But then unexpectedly I was bless with my second pregnancy and from there all my hard work literally went in the bin.

I found exercising so uncomfortable and with extreme exhaustion in the first 17 weeks exercising just  wasn't on my to do list. Since then I have picked up and put down fitness several times, looking back I knew it wasn't going to work, I just wasn't in the right mind set. However now I'm more determined than ever and luckily I was given a helping hand by the team at Nutribuddyhttp://nutribuddy.com.

Nutribuddy is a company that provides natural weight loss supplements to aid your weight loss and fitness journey.  I was kindly sent their 30 day weight loss starter pack to help me kick start my 2016 fitness mission.

What does the Starter pack contain? 

  • Sculpting Whey Powder 
  • Hunger Fix Tablets 
  • Multivitamins
  • Shake Shaker 
  • Free Book of Weight Loss

Sculpting Whey Powder - The powder is great as a post work out snack as well as being used as a meal replacement. It contains many natural ingredients such as Green tea and Guarana which will help curb your appetite, boost your metabolism and help you burn fat. As well as all of that it is only 115 calories per 30g serving, a low calorie snack for enabling better weight management. 

You can do so much with your protein from adding it into porridge, making protein pancakes and even protein ice lollies! It's so nice to have a sweet treat and not feel guilty about it!

Hunger Fixer - This is to be taken between 15 mins - 1 hour before your meal, it contains Glucomannan, a natural ingredient which basically makes your stomach feel full so your less likely to snack.  Now I am not a tablet taker, I really struggle with taking large tablets and so these were a challenge for me I wish they could make them a bit smaller as the size really put me off taking them.  However when I did take them I wasn't as hungry which is a bonus as I seem to always be hungry! I wasn't fully committed to these because of my issues with taking tablets. Maybe the company might want to consider making these smaller for people like me who struggle with tablets.

Vitamins - It's really important to have a varied diet with the daily recommended vitamin intake. However for those who cant or want an extra boost then there are the Vitamin tablets. Again these are on the large side, so if you aren't a fan of taking tablets then you need to be aware. Getting your recommend daily allowance for vitamins is vital if you want a strong and healthy immune system. Since using these I have really noticed that my hair is in so much better condition, extremely soft and shiny!


The shaker comes in two different colours, red and black. It's handy strap on the lid is perfect for carrying and the little shaker ball at the bottom makes mixing your protein and milk much easier.
The only issue I had was that, the scoop for the powder wasn't the right size and therefor It was really tricky to get the powder in however the company were super quick and emailed me to say that there were working on sorting out the problem.

Weight Loss Book 

And lastly the little book of  weight loss is full of different ideas from breakfast to dinner as well as healthy snacks.

I have really enjoyed my last month on the Nutribuddy Starter pack, my favourite thing has to be the protein shakes.  I have it in the flavour chocolate and it is delicious it's like having a chocolate milkshake! I have tried a few different protein powders before and this one is so far the best.  I have a sweet tooth and this alone curbs my cravings.

My Nutribuddy routine 

Below is an example of a day with my Nutribuddy supplements incorporated in, I always find in the evenings I'm starving so I have my biggest meal then. 

Breakfast : Porridge or Eggs 
Vitamins & Hunger Fixers
Lunch : Chicken stir fry 
Snack : Nutribuddy Shake 
Tea : Jacket potato 

Just how much did I loose? 

Well in total I have lost 7.5 lbs with my starter kit. I think I would of lost more if I had gone to the gym but I'm extremely happy with the results especially because I suffer with PCOS so loosing weight is always an extra battle.  I hope to be able to get back in the gym as working out from home is difficult, especially when I want to crash as soon as my boys are in bed. Some nights I have just been so tired the last thing I want to do is jump around the living room!  I have been trying to do more fun and kid friendly exercising from dancing, walking the dog to actually going in with my children at soft play instead of sitting and watching. My main goal has been to keep moving instead of sitting down and doing nothing.

Price wise I actually think your getting a really good deal at £69.99 for the whole months supply.  You can spent more than this in a week on diet plans and meal replacement meals. I think that personally the best thing is to do is to eat healthy, eat the right foods and get moving and use supplements to such as the protein powder to help alongside a healthy lifestyle.

I will be continuing my journey using Nutribuddy especially the protein powder. I really recommend this company and urge you to have a look and try the brand out for yourselves.

* This is a collaborative post with Nutribuddy 


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