31 March, 2016

Organising My Under-Stairs Cupboard // Before & After

In every house, we all have that one cupboard/ room/ area which is basically full of all the stuff you don't know what to do with or where to put. Mine was my under-stairs cupboard. I had shoes, bags, craft supplies and pet stuff stacked and wedged sky high.  It was a mess,  so dark and dull, I had to revamp it in some way.
I decided to set myself a budget as I love to be thrifty, so I gave myself £40 for all materials and items needed.

So first thing was to clean the walls, remove any dust, dirt and items that were not needed. I then filled in a few holes and sanded them down to create a smooth finish.   I wasn't going to buy a new tin of paint for such a small area instead, I  searched through our stash of paint. Luckily I found half a pot of cream paint, the perfect colour and amount and quick drying! Mega Bonus because I'm impatient when it comes to  DIY!  Luckily I didn't have to gloss just a good scrub to mainly remove dust and dirt.

Spending Total: £0 

Whilst the paint was drying I popped online to Amazon to order some storage baskets, I love these Rattan baskets. I have 9 in my living room storing the boys' toys in and they look so clean and organised!
At the time of purchase, they were on offer for only £3.50 each so I purchased 6 and used a free trail of Amazon Prime for my free delivery. ( Cancel your trail asap to save being charged for the year! )

Spending Total: £21.00 

To store all my baskets on I wanted a similar set up to my toy storage as it always looks so clean and organised.  I saw that a neighbour had just bought the same bookcase  I was looking to purchase but it didn't fit in the space she had wanted it for so was selling it for online on Facebook  £15 brand new and fully assembled so I quickly messaged her to buy it, thank goodness I checked Facebook before purchasing! I now know to check on Facebook before purchasing items because you can find some great bargains.

Spending Total: £36 

Lastly, I purchased a few plastic command hooks for hanging up the school bags and lunch boxes again from Amazon which were on offer for a multipack.  A quick trip to Morrisons had me pick up a couple of the smaller rattan boxes for £1.50 and another large box for £2.50 Luckily my baskets were free due to saving my points on my Morrisons card, it pays to save those points!

Total Spent: £ 39.50

And that's it, £39.50 to transform my boring dull and rather depressing under-stairs cupboard into something fresh and organised.
Each person has one or two boxes for their shoes and then there is a space on top for book bags and spare school bags. Two small trays for items such as wipes, keys, and all those small little bits you never have a home for.
There are a couple hooks in the corner on the opposite wall that you cant see that are just holding up two lunch boxes.

Now my boys know where to put their shoes and bags and there is no more chaos of finding things.
I would like to add a couple things, like a new front door and possibly a small tall boy unit but for now I'm happy with how everything turned out.

I'd love to know your thoughts on my transformation, leave me a comment below.  


17 March, 2016

Homemade Meatball Sauce Recipe

Last week I made my boys favourite meal spaghetti and meatballs. 
I posted a picture up onto Instagram as I usually do and was asked if I could do it as a blog post on how I made it, so here it is! 

12 March, 2016

The Benefits of Staying Off-Site at Disney World

 One of my biggest Disney wishes I have apart from working with Disney or to go on a Disney cruise is to go to Disney World Orlando, Florida.  I have been wanting to go for years but it's a pricey trip and unfortunately, there has never been the right time to go.

One of the things I did think about is where would we stay?  My options were simple to stay in Disney World or close by in a villa.  Staying off-site maybe a bit of a strange thing for some people. "Why go to Disney but stay off-site?"

But actually staying off site has its advantages, for example.....


Most of the time staying on-site is going to cost you a lot more as you are paying for the Disney experience and the Disney brand, booking off-site will save you some cash, meaning more money for spending!


If you're travelling in a large group it may be worth selecting a villa, Clickstay have some amazing villa's to choose from and again it's going to work out cheaper as you can all split the cost.


Not everyone wants to just stay in Disney, some people will want to travel around the local area and I agree. When you're in a place like Florida you will want to go and explore, especially if it's a trip you know you may not take again. I definitely would, I'm obsessed with the American life. I've always wanted a taste of living the American dream and comparing how different it may or may not be to living in England.

Even if you stay off-site you can still be close to the park, so don't worry about being miles and miles away.

Home from Home 

If you're a family travelling with small children than a villa off-site may be more appealing. With more home comforts than a hotel, it's easier in my opinion to have a home set up, especially, if you need to do lots of washing!

Let me know if you would stay on-site or off-site if you visited Disney World. 

* In collaboration with Clickstay, 


10 March, 2016

Minty Coco Review

Have you heard about oil pulling? I didn't until recently and was so intrigued by it I had to of course try it out for myself.


08 March, 2016

Designing Your Dream Nursery In 5 Easy Steps

When I found out I was expecting the first thing I thought was what theme to do the spare room in?  
I spent hours and hours scrolling through Google images and other imaging platforms, I looked in home and baby magazines and even asked friends. 

Decorating the room for the newest member of the family was one of my favourite parts of my pregnancy and now I'm going to share with you 5 easy steps in how you can design your dream nursery. 

Home Update

When I first moved into this house I had so many plans and projects to do but life has really gotten in the way and so all my plans and projects had been put on hold or completely forgotten about. However this year I made a secret resolution to myself to get some of those projects done and so far I'm doing pretty well.

The main areas I really want to focus on this year are the kitchen, living room, the boys bedroom and the dreaded garden.
As I approach my 3rd month into the year, I can say I'm doing pretty well and getting into the swing of my projects with no fail.... well not just yet! The first project I have been working on is my under stairs cupboard which really has ended up as my junk cupboard. My plans were to maximise storage and space without spending a fortune and I think I have managed to do both on a small budget. A full tour will be up in the next few days so make sure you come back to see it!

The next room on my list is my boys bedroom, they currently share and now it's finally time to change it from a colourful nursery into a room for two young boys with more of a theme. I had originally planned a Star Wars themed room but Alfie has since asked for something else, so Im hoping the new design we have will be a bit more flexible to their ever changing tastes.  The biggest thing will be their beds as they really need a bunk bed so this is looking to be done in the summer as we just got a new car and so we need to get saving again.

My Kitchen is getting a huge makeover but on a very small budget, I'm still working on a few bits so when I have more details I will let you know. I think that this room will be my biggest challenge yet! My idea is to go light and fresh as you can see its quiet dark at the moment I will also be adding a few Disney touches here and there. I wonder what Disney film I will be incorporated into it? Leave me your guesses in the link below!

The garden is currently in planning stage, mainly because I'm waiting for the sun to come out and for a good few dry days together so I can cut the grass and do all the prep work. I really hate the garden and gardening Im not a green fingered at all!   Our garden is so boring and dull,  this year I plan to inject some colour and fun into it, making it a place for our family to chill out in as well as giving a designated area to the pets in the home. I'm also hoping I can get the kids to make some cute crafts items so keep an eye out for those posts this summer.

And lastly the Living room, thankfully it doesn't need a lot doing to it just a fresh lick of paint and gloss and a couple finishing touches, Should easily be able to do it in a weekend. I would really love a new sofa but that is definitely going to have to wait until next year!

In all Im really looking forward to this year and really putting my stamp on our home I would love to know what your plans are for your home this year if you have any? Also if you have any home DIY posts leave them below too I'm obsessed with looking at peoples before and after photos.


04 March, 2016

5 Ways to Spoil Your Mother // Mother's Day

Its Mother's Day on Sunday and like most mothers I am looking forward to spending it with my family..... And hoping to be let off  all housework for the day!
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