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Benefits To Staying Off Site At Disney World

As we all know my passion in life apart from being a mother, is of course Disney. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with everything and anything Disney related.

I went to Disney Land Paris as a child and hopefully I will return next year with my children to let them experience the magic for the first time. One of the biggest Disney wishes I have apart from working with Disney or  to go on a Disney cruise is to go to Disney World Orlando, Florida.  I have been wanting to go for years but it's a pricy trip and unfortunately there has never been the right time to go.

I have been thinking about the options if we were to travel over there and the biggest question would have to be..  "Where would we stay?" One of the things that came up was a villa. This would mean staying off site from Disney which maybe a bit of a strange thing for some people. "Why go to Disney but stay of site?"
Well.. staying off site has some benefits for example:


Most of the time staying onsite is going to cost you a lot more as you are paying for the Disney experience and the Disney brand, so booking off site will save you some cash, meaning more money for spending!


If you're travelling in a large group it maybe worth selecting a villa,  Clickstay have some amazing villa's to choose from and again it's going to work out cheaper as you can all spilt the cost.


Not everyone wants to just stay in Disney, some people will want to travel around the local area and I agree, when your in a place like Florida you will want to go and explore, especially if its a trip you know you may not take again. I definitely would I'm obsessed with the American life. Ive always wanted a taste of living the American life and comparing how different it may or may not be to living in England. so this for me would really appeal to me for staying offsite.

Even if you stay off site you can still be close to the park, so don't worry about being miles and miles away.

Home from Home 

If your a family travelling with small children and if you staying for a long period it may be more of a home comfort to be in a home set up rather than a hotel. Many of the villa's if not all of them have all the home comforts including washers and dryers. Some of them even put in extra's like games consoles.

Have you/ would you ever stayed in a Villa off site from Disney? 

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