08 March, 2016

Designing Your Dream Nursery In 5 Easy Steps

When I found out I was expecting the first thing I thought was what theme to do the spare room in?  
I spent hours and hours scrolling through Google images and other imaging platforms, I looked in home and baby magazines and even asked friends. 

Decorating the room for the newest member of the family was one of my favourite parts of my pregnancy and now I'm going to share with you 5 easy steps in how you can design your dream nursery. 

1. Colour Scheme or Theme

Modern nursery/kids room by 28 Grad Architektur GmbH
I found that if you choose your colour or theme then it's much easier to buy everything else. There are so many things to choose from, from monochrome to bright colours, Disney and woodland to themes such as nautical and shabby chic.
I found choosing the theme the hardest part of my decorating/design process, so look online for inspiration. There are so many websites you can look at such as Pinterest, Instagram and Homify. Take inspiration from what others have done it's amazing what you can then create yourself.
I'm addicted to these kinds of websites and always end up sat browsing for hours and hours and then end up redecorating! 
Also have you thought about creating a mood board? Mood boards can come in handy when you really want to visualise what the room will look like stick pictures of furniture and accessories on as well as samples of paint, wall paper and fabric.

2. Versatility

One thing that I wish I had done when doing Archie's nursery was making it versatile, babies don't stay babies for long so when you are considering your theme ask your self do you want to be decorating in a years time? If not, think about tweaking your theme or colour scheme so that it can easily grow with your child. If you don't want to paint all of the room why not have a feature wall? At least it's only one wall to paint if you want to change the look. Pick easy and cheaper storage that again you can change the colour or pattern if needed too.  Decorating is lovely but it can also be expensive so keep that in mind when you're thinking about your little ones room. 

3. Furniture 

Now you've decided on the theme/colour and versatility of the room you can now look at furniture do you want white, oak, pine? Do you want to go for a modern design or something old and classic? Again choosing your furniture finish and design will really help you in choose the rest of your items for your nursery . Some finishes will look better and fresh with certain colours so think about that too! 

4. Storage 

Storage is always a must with children, they accumulate so much stuff! So make sure you find clever ways to store everything from nappies and baby wipes to clothes, toys, accessories and shoes. 
I love cube storage units, they look nice and you can match the canvas boxes to any colour scheme you want. It's looks so much nicer appearance wise, I think it can look cluttered and messy if you can see every toy or item out on show or  through a clear plastic box. Don't forget things like a book shelf and hooks for extra storage solutions. 

5. Finishing Touches 

This is my favourite bit, making the room personal, adding things like  photos, artwork, keepsakes, throws, cushions, anything you feel that will finish off the room. I always think it's nice to have one item in the room that is personal to your baby so a wooden letter of their name. A family crest keepsake or a hand made blanket is always a nice little touch.

What theme did you choose for your little one's nursery? Let me know in the comments below.

* This post is in collaboration with Homify 


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