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Organising My Under-Stairs Cupboard // Before & After

You would of seen that recently I did a Home Update post, I basically decided that this year I would focus on some of the DIY projects I never started/finished. Im still not sure if this was a wise move or not! I will soon find out!

In every house we all have that one cupboard/ room/ area which is basically full of all the stuff you don't know what to do with or where to put. Mine was my under-stairs cupboard. I had shoes, bags, craft stuff and pet stuff.  It was a mess and it was so dark and dull, I had to revamp it in some way.
I decided to set myself a budget as I love to be thrifty, so I gave myself £40 for all materials and items needed.

So first thing was to clean the walls, remove any dust, dirt and things things that were not needed.  I then filled in a couple holes and  sanded them down to create a smooth finish. Next I needed paint and I wasn't going to buy a new tin for such a small area, so off into the garage I go to search through our stash of paint. Luckily I found half a pot of cream paint, the perfect colour and amount and quick drying! Bonus!  Luckily I didn't have to gloss just a good scrub to mainly remove dust and dirt.

Spending Total: £0 

Whilst the paint was drying I popped online to Amazon to order some storage baskets, I love these Rattan baskets. I have 9 in my living room storing the boys toys in and they look so clean and organised, it's heaven. I'm a neat freak, a bit like Monica from friends but without the really frizzy hair lol!
They were on offer for only £3.50 each so I purchased 6 and used a free trail of Amazon Prime for my free delivery. ( Cancel your trail asap to save being charged for the year! )

Spending Total : £21.00 

To store all my baskets on I wanted a similar set up to my toy storage as it looks so organised, I wanted a white bookcase so looked online at Argos. But at the same time I saw a neighbour literally across the road from me had just brought the same bookcase  but it didn't fit in the space she had wanted it for so was selling it for online on Facebook  £15 brand new and fully assembled so I quickly messaged her to buy it, thank goodness I checked Facebook before purchasing!

Spending Total : £36 

Lastly I purchased a few plastic command hooks for hanging up the school bags and lunch boxes again from Amazon and they were on offer for a multipack.  A quick trip to Morrisons had me pick up a couple of the smaller rattan boxes for £1.50 and another large box for £2.50 Luckily my baskets were free due to saving my points on my Morrisons card, it  pays to save those points!

Total Spent: £ 39.50

And thats it £39.50 to transform my boring dull and rather depressing under-stairs cupboard in to something fresh and organised.
Each person has one or two boxes for their shoes and then there is a space on top for book bags and spare school bags. Two small trays for items such as nappies and wipes (saves me running up and down the stairs) and any other little items I cant figure out where to put.
There are a couple hooks in the corner on the opposite wall that you cant see that are just holding up two lunch boxes.

Now my boys know where to put their shoes and bags and there is no more chaos of finding things.
I would like to add a couple things like a new front door and possibly a small tall boy unit but for now I'm happy with everything.

I'd love to know your thoughts on my transformation, leave me a comment below.  

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