17 April, 2016

5 Steps To The Perfect Summer Party With Waddlegoose

This year I'm super excited for the summer. To be able to get out in the sun, sit in the garden, relax and have as many bbq's as I can! Well that's the plan as long as the weather is good!

Today's post is all about how to have the perfect garden party/bbq, so for those who want to be organised you can start planning and even stock piling now. Trust me I already have! 

5 Steps to the perfect garden party

1. Spring clean the garden

The first thing is to get the garden sorted, you cant have a garden party if the garden isn't usable. We are currently in this process, spending any available dry day weeding, painting and re- gravelling areas of the garden. Ready for when the sun comes out and the parties can begin.  It's so nice to be able to have the kids out on the grass knowing the area is clean and safe, and that it looks nice.

2. Decorate

Decorate the garden and give it a summery feel. I am going to get some outside bunting, along with some plants and some little brightly coloured windmills for the kids play area.
If you look now you may find some of the items you want on deals and if your like me and loving getting things for nothing, save your supermarket loyalty points so you can use on their summer items.  My nectar points especially are going to hopefully buy all of our outdoor plates and cutlery and maybe even some toys for the boys to play with.

3. Drink

No party is complete without an alcoholic beverage and one of my favourites at the moment is this new cyder, Waddlegoose by Aspell that I was kindly sent to review. 

Im not a massive drinker as many of my friends and family will know but it's nice to have the odd one or two especially when it's super hot and sunny out. 

The cyder is a light to medium body that's sweet in flavour and very refreshing, I love mine super icy cold.  Waddlegoose uses apples such as Gala and Gloster 69 so that the cyder doesn't loose that crisp apple bite, but again without it being an overpowering taste. 

It's also great for cooking with! I'm hoping to make a cider pulled pork and caramelised onions in the coming weeks. I also found it's great for making cakes and donuts with so that will have to be tried and tested at some point! 

The three berry cyder is also a hit, made with raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrants, it has a very sweet taste. You can definitely taste the blackcurrent as it reminds me of an alcoholic version of when I make ribeana with lemonade..... yummy! 
At only 3.8% and 4.6%  both ciders are ease to drink and perfect for someone who doesn't like/want a strong alcoholic drink.

Waddle goose is out now and can be brought from your local Tesco.

4. Food

Summer is my favourite time of year for food, I tend to not want to be slaving over a cooker for hours in the heat so I try to come up with quick and healthy meal ideas to keep everyone happy and foods we love. 

I find that during the summer I eat more cold meals than I do hot and I love my fruit more in the summer, so smoothies, salads, and cold meat meals always go down well. And if I'm wanting cooked meals then definitely a full on bbq because you cant get much better than that! 

5. Family & Entertainment 

No party is set without your friends and family. I love spending the time with the people I'm close to and so a party is the perfect excuse to get everyone together. 
 For entertainment wise I love to have music playing, the kids can have their garden toys out. Im hoping this year we may even have a little paddling pool up too. 
Another thing you could bring out for entertainment is a projector, why not turn your garden into a cinema. You can have bean bags or chairs laid out for everyone, maybe even fairy lights up and don't forget the homemade popcorn and baked treats for everyone to nibble on as it's not a cinema without the treats! 

I hope you liked my 5 steps to the perfect summer garden party, what will you be doing this summer?




  1. Great tips. Those cupcakes look delicious! I haven't had some cake for weeeeks now. x

  2. Great tips I can't wait for the Summer


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