20 April, 2016

Jan Marini Transformation Cream Review

As I'm getting older I'm trying to make more of an effort with my skincare routine, I realised that if I want good skin especially as I age, I need to start now. Recently I have been trying out the Jan Marini transformation cream in my daily skin care regime.

Poring to using this cream I had no knowledge of the brand and so when my cream was delivered, I was interested in seeing if their cream had the measurable results it says it had. I like to be fair with my reviews especially on things like face creams. I personally thinks it takes a good 2-3 weeks to see the real effects, so at the point of writing this review I have been using the cream for about 3 weeks.

The Transformation Cream is part of a 5 step management system :

Step 1. Cleanse 
Step 2. Rejuvenate
Step 3. Resurface 
Step 4. Hydrate 
Step 5. Protect 

The cream I'm reviewing comes under step 4, hydrate. Keeping your skin hydrated is really important, when skin is hydrated it is plump and resilient in your skin you have levels of hyaluronic acid. This is what helps the skin retain moisture, so it really pays to drink a lot of water as they bind together to increase the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid. This means less wrinkles! However as you get older your skin becomes dryer that's because hyaluronic Acid in your skin declines. So another way to replenish what you have lost is by using face creams containing hyaluronic acid.

Jan Marini's transformation cream contains hyaluronic acid along with other key technologies such as antioxidants, plant extracts, peptides, beta glucan and thymosin.  All of these key ingredients help with rebuilding and rejuvenating the skin along with repairing and protecting.

So how did I find it? 

 I applied to my face and neck as instructed and used it as part of my night-time skincare routine.You really don't need a lot of this cream as a little bit seems to go a long way.
It's a medium to light weight cream that smells extremely pleasant and settles really nice into the skin. 3 weeks in and my skin is noticeably more softer and my skin feels more fresh especially in the mornings as it use to feel very tight and dry.

Wrinkle wise I don't really have many as of yet but I'm going to keep using this cream in my night-time routine so hopefully it will stop me from getting any!
I am really impressed with the quality of this skincare brand and have my eye on a couple of their other products such as their Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser and their Marini Lash conditioner.


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