20 April, 2016

Pamering Myself With Boswells Oxford

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a lovely beauty box of goodies to try from Boswells in Oxford and to really test them out I had the ultimate pampering evening.

I rarely get time to go out and just treat myself so I alway go for the home pampering options because it' s easier than trying to find childcare.
So when I received my goodies I made sure they kids were in bed early and the house was tidy so I had longer relax and take my time to pamper myself.

In my goodie bag I received several items such as:

Flutter by Butterfly from Bomb Cosmetics 

I love a good bath bomb and this was the first thing I had to do.  It contains a cocoa butter swirl in the middle which once melted in the bath you can feel it absorbing into your skin as your in the bath. When I got out the bath my skin felt so soft and smooth. The only negative thing I can say about this was that it wasn't the  best dissolving display I have seen but thats just me nit picking as I was hoping for a bit more of a floor show with colours and fizziness. 

Dr. Bronner Organic Peppermint Soap 

I love peppermint and so every morning my showers have been amazing using this. I know a lot of people don't like peppermint due to that cold tingly sensation it can make your skin feel, but I love that! It makes me feel refreshed and awake and ready for the day, sometimes my day starts at 5am so I need all the extra help I can get whilst trying to wake up. 

Hydrea London Round Bamboo Body Brush 

I've always been a sponge girl and never really thought of using brushes in the shower so this again has been a new experience for me. The bamboo Body brush can be used wet or dry, I personally prefer to use mine wet. The benefits to using a brush like this is to exfoliate and remove dead skin, remove ingrown hairs, tighten and tone the skin and to remove clogged up pores.  I really like using this brush I use it in circular motions on my thighs to help with the little bit of cellulite I have. 
Ive been using it for a good 2 maybe even 3 weeks and I can start to see some improvements in my skin so I'm going to keep this in my daily routine for the foreseeable future. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser 

After each bath or shower I have been using this moisturiser. I love it, it's hydrating and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I actually had a horrible cold when I was trying this and so used it on and around my nose as it was really dry from constantly having to wipe my nose and it sorted out the dryness straight away. 
  I like to use it before applying my make up as I find that it gives my makeup a better finish. I always make sure I have a tube in my bag now as it's so handy I can use it all over my body. 

Weleda Hydrating Day Cream   

I have only been using this cream for a few days as I've had so many face creams this month to test its been difficult fitting them all in as i like to give them a good couple of weeks to trail, but so far I can say that this is a really nice cream and extremely suitable for under makeup which is really important to me however I think it's thicker than the dead sea Spa moisturiser but only by a little bit and tok slightly longer to settle in to my skin.
It contains witch hazel and jojoba seed oil to help soften and improve the skin's elasticity. It smells really good too, it actually reminded me of when I had my pregnancy massage they used a similar scented lotion and it just made me feel so relaxed. 

Antipodes Divine Face Oil

I have never used a face oil before so this was a new one, however it was really easy to apply just like you would with any other face cream except this is just oil. I then would add my moisturiser once I had applied the face oil. 
It says it's suppose to deliver antioxidants and essential nourishment for fresh and healthy skin, as well as reducing the appearance of scars, age spots and lines. 
I have a small scar on my face from a previous surgery I had done to remove a cyst and so I have some scarring, so I have been focusing more on that area. I have yet to see any real results on that but I think it may need a few more weeks to see an improvement. However it smells nice and natural and not chemically or overpowering in scent. 


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