28 April, 2016

Steepletone Sterling Radio Review

I have always loved listening to music. From a young age I was obsessed with The Spice Girls and The Backstreet Boys I then got into Michael Jackson, Go West and many other artists from the 80's and 90's. Growing up I would always have the cd player or radio on. I remember how I would record the Sunday night chart show on my cassette player, proper old school! Music has always been a massive part of my life.
Even now as an adult I play my favourite tracks in the car, at the gym and even in the shower. I constantly seem to have my phone glued to me with some of my favourite hits blaring out from my tiny little speakers.

Recently I was sent the Steepletone Sterling Radio from Liberty Trading and let me tell you how excited I was, because it's been a while since we had a radio or even cd player in the house. 

 The Steepletone Sterling radio is a retro portable CD & MP3 player which is so handy, as I can take my music anywhere with me as long as I have some batteries with me.
However if I want to keep it in the same room or just don't want to use batteries then it also comes with a mains cable.  Below is a list of some of its key features :

  • Retro style AC/DC portable music system 
  • MW-LW-FM and FM-Stereo analogue radio 
  • Vertical CD player 
  • Built-in stereo speakers 
  • MP3 playback via USB Port (up to 16GB flash memory) 
  • Rotary tuning 
  • Rotary click electronic volume control 
  • Blue backlit LCD display for CD/MP3 
  • Strong vinyl carry handle 
  • Telescopic aerial (4-section/60cm long) 
  • Headphone socket
  • Battery operated (6 x Size C batteries not supplied) or 230V (50Hz) mains operation (detachable mains cable supplied)

The radio is designed with that retro vibe, I love the retro style it's eye-catching and chic and it mixed really well in with my home decor, which is neutrals and minimalistic with a touch of children! Lets face it no matter how hide I try to hide it there will always be one of the kids toys or toys boxes out! So I may as well own it!

The radio is made to an exceptional quality, it doesn't feel light or cheap. I was actually surprised to the weight of it, my first thought would would it feel very light and hollow? But actually it has a good and comfortable carrying weight, there is also a strong vinyl carry handle for easy transportation. I'am extremely impressed with the overall quality of this piece.

The quality of the sound is amazing too! I had it out in the garden with no problems and even had it turned up loud and it still sounded great. There was no distortion and it sounds so much better then from off my phone. The sound does really fill the room, so great for when you have friends over/ parties.

In all I am extremely please with this product and would/have already recommend to others to buy. I am really looking forward to the summer so we can take this out on picnics and possibly on our holiday too! 
You can purchase this radio from Liberty Trading for £76.99 

*This was sent to me free in exchange for a review all opinions are that of my own unless otherwise stated


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