30 May, 2016

Days Out in Cotswolds // Crocodiles of the World

Welcome to my new series Days Out in the Cotswolds! I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the UK, I also know what it's like to have to entertain two young children.  So this series is all about finding great places to go in the cotswold, with the family. 
I hope you enjoy this series, kicking it off is a trip I took with the boys to a Crocodile Zoo! 

A couple of weeks ago myself and my boys took a trip to Crocodiles of the World in Carterton, Oxfordshire.  Crocodiles of the World is the UK's only crocodile Zoo. Home to currently 150 crocodiles, representing 15 different species from Caiman and Alligators, to the more endangered species such as the Cuban and Siamese Crocodiles.
Shaun, aka Croc Man as he was nick named after his tv documentary, started off with his collection of crocodiles at home. Eventually he moved to a small premises just outside Witney, after such success with visitors they relocated to an old farm in Brize Norton. Here is where Shaun and his team work to educate people on crocodiles and the importance of conservation.  

As we live literally a minute down the road I decided to take the boys for the afternoon. My youngest is currently obsessed with Peter Pan and loves Captain Hook and the Tick- Tock Croc, so I knew he would love this, and he really did! 

What I love about the site was that everything is easily accessible and child friendly. Pushchairs and wheelchairs have no problems in being navigated around, with plenty of space for others to walk by.  

The zoo has both indoors and outdoors areas, with all the crocs housed inside. 

You have the chance to get as close as possible to the crocs with the enclosures designed with glass fronts. It's fascinating to be able to watch them on land and underwater. 

As well as being home to crocodiles, the zoo also has a small number of other animals such as, meerkats, otters, birds, reptiles and tamarin monkeys .

The crocodiles are kept in various different sized enclosures depending on their size and needs as a species.

 One of outside area, home to the otters, meerkats, birds and monkeys. There is also the education room where talks and interactive sessions are held. 

Admissions in to the zoo are as followed: 

Adult : £8.95
Child:  £6.50 ( under 2's are free) 
Senior: £7.95 

The zoo is small in size compared to mainstream zoos, but there is a lot to look at and fantastic for a morning or afternoon visit. 

The park also offers extra fun by the form of keeper and VIP experiences these start from £35.00, a great present for someone who is crocodile crazy! 

The boys loved seeing the Meerkats, there was even a little port hole for them to stick their heads into which lets you get up and close to the meerkats.

There is a little play area for the kids to play about on and picnic benches for the parents to relax on. 

The whole zoo is filled with information and fun facts, from information on each species, a history of the zoo timeline or large  Alfie wanted to see if he could be as big as a t-rex using this extremely long measuring tape. 

I was extremely impressed with the zoo, we have been once before about a year ago but since then they have had some new additions especially to the outside/ picnic area which is really nice to sit on, especially in the summer.

Price wise I would say it was good value for money and not over priced like some places. The boys each got a little souvenir from the gift shop, which was reasonably priced as well.

There are activities on throughout the day such as talks, animal feeding and animal encounters. There is also an area for live crocodile photos, this is where you can stand and have your photo taken with a baby croc, there is normally a fee for this experience, so please be aware.

Crocodiles of the world is a lovely place to visit so if you have a croc enthusiast in the family or are looking for a nice trip out then Crocodiles of the World is the place for you!

Have you been to the Crocodiles of the World?


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  1. I've never been but it's definitely on my list of things to do. I also live in the Cotswolds.


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