01 May, 2016

Pet Series // Should I Get a Pet?

As a child I grew up on a farm, I was super lucky to be around so many different animals from cows and sheep to horses, rabbits and guinea pigs.
My father is also a Gundog trainer and breeder, so again from a young age we grew up with lots of dogs and puppies about.  Looking back the animals were one of my favourite things in my childhood.  Over the years I've had many pets from the small and furry, to the more exotic of pets such as  leopard geckos and an emperor Scorpion. When I was 17 I also went to college to study Animal Management so it's safe to say animals have always been a big part of my life.

And this leads me on to today's post and the start of a new series on my channel all about pets,  with the first one being Should I Get a Pet?

Believe it or not many people don't buy pets based on their lifestyle, for many it's an impulse decision.  I believe that in most cases this is how an animal becomes unwanted and possibly mistreated. I hate seeing animals passed from pillar to post especially on Facebook sites. So this guide is to help anyone who is thinking about getting a pet.

I look at buying a pet in 5 Areas:


What is your life like ? Are you always at home? Or away with work a lot? These factors need to be considered so you can decide on what pet would suit your lifestyle. Be realistic if your someone who works 9am-5pm and then goes out straight after a dog would not be a suitable pet. However a cat would be a better choice as long as they had access to fresh food and water and a cat flap to come and go as they please.

Remember choose a pet based on your lifestyle not the lifestyle you think you want. 


Some pets cost a lot more than others and so this needs to be something you are aware of. This could be down to a number of things, from their housing requirements, food, accessories, toys and Vet costs. For example a Chihuahua would cost considerable less in food then a Great Dane. A Bearded Dragon would cost more than a hamster. So don't just look at the animal, look at all the aspects of what your pet may need.


If you have children is the pet you want suitable? Or if you don't have children will you be able to manage a child and your pet? You may not know but having a child is a major reason why people sell or re-home their pets.


Can you afford a pet in the long run? If something happens to you financially could you still support your pet? Do you have enough money for those emergency vet bills and so on.


The future is an uncertain place but what are your provisions if things change? Moving home, work, family and money will all have an impact on a pet's life. Would you still be able to provide a home for your pet if things changed?  For an impulse buyer would you still want the pet in 6 months time. For people who buy puppies and kitten once the novelty has worn off from a cute baby to a fully grown adult would you still want it?

If you do the above things then now you need to decide on what pet to choose. 

Stay tuned for my next post on What Pet to Choose?


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