17 May, 2016

Wicked Uncle Toy Shop Review

I love buying presents for people and especially for my children. However  I know that sometimes other people can get stuck on what to buy them and that's where Wicked Uncle comes in handy. 

Wicked Uncle is an online toy shop that stocks a variety of toys for a variety of ages. It makes buying toys easy with it's helpful search system, you can choose on the gender,age or interest of the child you are buying for, so for people who are unsure as to what would be suitable for the child they are buying for this makes it so much easier.

The website is extremely simple to use so for anyone who isn't great with computers fear not you can't mess it up.

Wicked Uncle is different from a lot of the high street stores because their products are very different to other toy shops about. I like the fact that there isn't a lot of the mainstream toys on there, it makes a refreshing change to see lots of different toys, especially ones that I may never of thought about.

Wicked Uncle was kind enough to send me a voucher to use on their site and so I wanted to share with you a selection of toys that they stock.

First up is this Magnificent Melting Monster, create your own putty monster and then watch it melt!

The pros to this product was that my kids enjoyed it, but unfortunately there wasn't much else good to say. 
The substance used for creating the monster was ridiculously hard, definitely not a putty substance. I spent a good 5 mins trying to warm it up in my hands, like it says on the instructions but even then it was still very hard. I think that many young children would struggle, I did as I was the one that ended up making it. 
I also don't think it melts it just falls down so again a bit of a fail. 
However this is no fault through the shop its just the product in itself. 

Next up is the Sat Nav Steering Wheel. I have always wanted to get one of these for the boys as they are fascinated with me driving, this is probably more age appropriate to my youngest but my 5 year old also enjoys the odd go on it. 
I thought it would be handy to have a toy of some sorts in the car so this is perfect. 

It's easy to put together, you just attach the wheel to the steam and your done. You will need batteries so make sure you buy them otherwise they wont be able to enjoy all the features. 
It's light weight and fairly easy to store in the car, we lie it down in the back in the footwell. 

Archie loves playing with this and likes to pretend he is driving like Mummy, our car journeys have been much more fun with this item. 

With over 72 different different spoken words and sounds it is a fantastic toy to keep the children busy whilst also teaching them all about directions. 

 Last but not least is the Sparkle Zoob Kit, I choose this because my 5 year old is obsessed with lego and building so I thought it would be another fun thing for him to play with. 

I prefer my children to be doing things and using their imaginations rather than being glued to a screen and so this is perfect, it's also great for their fine motor skills! 

With their rounded ball and claw like parts not only can they be endless in their imagination with design,  but they can bring their creation to life and play with them as they can rotate, spin and extend.  Alfie has been really busy creating his own robots and creatures, it's also be really good to use with his shape recognition as we can make the shapes as we are learning. 

 I was really pleased with the selection of products on Wicked Uncle and the delivery was super quick. You can even chose to have your items gift wrapped and sent with a card or message. It really is a fantastic website and we will definitely be using it again. 

*I was sent these products free in exchange for a review all opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. 


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  1. The Wicked Uncle range is amazing, such great choice - I love the toys you chose x


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