06 July, 2016

10 Tips For Saving Money When Moving Out

One of the things I wished they educated me on in school was actually how to live, how to manage my money and how to get the most from it.
I have never ever in my life needed to use trigonometry, but I sure could have used a class on money management, renting and how to save money by using coupons.

I first moved out at 17, I rented a house with a group of friends. Unfortunately, that didn't last very long as the rent was crippling me, so I moved back home. 6 months later I moved out again but this time with my boyfriend and we've been living together since.
I wasn't as prepared for living on my own as much as I could have been and have had to learn a lot through the years.

1. Save money! 

I was young and uninterested in saving money. If I was doing it all over again I would have saved a couple months rent in advance, as well as keeping a small amount saved for unexpected bills, because they definitely happen!

2. Budget

Budgeting my money has always been a key thing to being able to live from home. I have a note book listing all my bills going out and all the money I have coming in. I then have them printed onto a calendar and every Monday I sit and plan the week, from the amount of money I have to spend for food, to money needed for fuel, entertainment and clothes etc.

3. Meal Prep

I love to meal plan and for me it helps me save anything from £5 to £20 a week, as I only buy what will be needed and what will be used.

4. Couponing, Cashback and comparison Sites

 I love to save money, who doesn't?  If I can make it so I don't have to pay full price then I will.
For example, I love to make a lot of quick healthy meals but I find that getting everything can be expensive. So I shop around, combining coupons, cashback sites and even supermarket comparison sites to find where the item is cheapest, or even free depending on the deals and coupons you can use.
Yes, it takes more time but I've been able to do large £80-£100 shops for less than £30-£60. Add that up over the year and it makes a difference.  If you would like to know more about saving money with coupons check out my post on extreme couponing.

5. Bills 

Ahh the dreaded bills! I try to save myself as much money as possible by regularly comparing my gas, electric, phone and broadband providers. Sometimes you can get a really good saving just by telling the company you are leaving, so don't be afraid see what they can do for you. If you've been with them for a while always ask for a loyalty discount.

6. Be Organised 

keep all your bills and documents in a folder,  you will be much more prepared. I find keeping things organised keeps me on track with my incomings and outgoings.  I have a folder for bills, my car details and insurance, a folder for receipts and wage slips and a folder for appliance manuals and warranty covers etc.

7. Regular Meter Readings 

I regularly send my meter readings to my gas and electric company, I try to aim for every month or every two months. Buy doing this I actually was able to bring my monthly costs down by £50. Also be aware of how you're using your gas and electric. Do you really need the heating on or could you use a blanket and do you need every tv and light on in the house at the same time. Things like that will affect your usage, I know I would keep everything on even if I wasn't in the room and so now I make sure I turn things off.

8. Stock Piles 

I love stock piling, and the best thing is that you can save so much money from it.
I like to combine stock piling with couponing, so if there is a really good deal on I will print off as many coupons as I can and bulk buy. We have an area now in a garage which we can store all our items on. For example we have had a years supply of toothpaste which I think I only paid £1.50 for, 6 month supply of washing gel for £5 as it was on a 50p clearance deal. I have also brought many packets of rice, tinned food, beauty products and cleaning products to last me a few months at a time.
Not only is it saving me money but if I run out of anything I don't necessarily need to run to the shops. One tip I would say is only buy items you use a lot to save wasting space and incase you don't use it buy the expiry date.

9. Insulation 

If you can or are allowed, you can apply to have your lofts and wall cavities insulated. There are many government grants about that will cover the cost, especially if your on low income/benefits. If your home is well insulated then your less likely to loose heat and money!  Some local councils can also offer free solar panels but you would have to check with your local council on that one.

10. Council discount 

If you're living on your own make sure you are getting a discounted council tax rate for being a single occupant, again if your on a low income you may be entitled to help with the cost of rent so double check that as well.

I hope this was useful if you have any other tips please leave them for me in the comments I would love to know how you have saved money.


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