26 May, 2017

10 Tips To Keep Cool This Summer

It's very rare that we get such lovely hot weather, however, as glorious as it has been the heat can be a struggle for some so today I wanted to post my top 10 tips for keeping cool. 

1. Keep windows and curtains closed 

As much as I would love to have all my windows and curtains wide open to suck in that beautiful sun,  it's actually going to make my home hotter. I always open my windows in the morning, as I feel during the night the air in the home goes stale and I like to keep my home smelling fresh. So I have been opening my windows at 5 am and leaving them open until 6 and then closing them, it really does help. Yesterday the house was relatively cool and we had somewhere to hide when outside got too hot. The dogs also found it a blessing as they were suffering too! 

2. Fans / Ice bottles 

 I know so many people that don't have fans, you can pick them up super cheap! To create really cold air, place a frozen bottle of water in a bowl of water in front of the fan. The fan will pick up the coldness from the bottle and blow ice cold air in your direction. 

3. Cool Drinks 

Pre-make drinks and put them in the fridge, last night I put in a whole case of water and several drinks made up for myself and the kids. It means you have a day of premade ice cold drinks made.

4. Cold Flannels 

When the heat gets too much soak a flannel and put it on your forehead or on the back of your neck it will instantly cool you down. 

5. Cold Water Bottle 

For the nights when you are just too hot, fill your water bottle up with cold water and freeze! Instant ice pack that will last most of the night. 

6. Frozen Sheet 

Freeze your bedsheets 5 minutes before bedtime, put your sheet in a bag and then pop it in the freezer it will be lovely when you climb into bed. 

7. Keep Hydrated 

Make sure you drink lots, especially throughout the day and before bed! Sun Stroke is not fun and water will naturally help bring your core temperature down. 

8.  Frozen Fruit and Fruit Cubes 

Slice up fruit and place into ice cube trays that way you can put them in your drink to stay cool, you can also freeze fruits to eat, myself and the boys love frozen grapes! 

9.  Spray Bottle 

You can buy yourself a cheap spray bottle from boots or the Poundshop to fill up with water. When it gets too hot just give yourself a little spritz. The kids can use it on themselves, great for taking in the car as well. 

10.  Car Shades

Cars get so hot in the sun so make sure you cover any glass areas, my car has a complete glass roof so I have to remember to pull the cover over it to keep it from becoming a greenhouse. You can also by car shades and reflectors to keep the heat out. Don't forget to take cool mists and handheld fans if you're going on long journeys as well as some drinks in a cool box! 

11. Bonus Tip

My bonus tip is to sit in a pool, relax, have fun and enjoy the weather,  we all know being in the UK means it's not hot here for long! 

Please don't forget to check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, heat can kill. 
Also never leave children or pets in a car! 

See my tips on how to keep your pets cool this summer.



  1. Another simple one is placing a cold water bottle wrapped in towel in your bed. Cools it right down!


    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I never thought of doing that! :)


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