18 July, 2016

LA Perfection Press Day

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to LA Perfection's open day in Witney, Oxfordshire. I was really looking forward to attending as I usually have to turn down press trips due to their location and ongoing struggles with childcare.

I was aware of LA Perfection as my mum has had treatments there  previously which I have also attended and enquired about their laser tattoo removal. I was really looking forward to having a more in-depth look at some of their treatments offered, in particularly their laser/IPH hair removal. 

On entry we were greeted with a live demonstrations of Jane Iredale cosmetics by a lady called Nicola.   This was the first time I had heard of the brand, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the make up.  Jane Iredale is a cruelty free brand that specialises in using multifunctional mineral make up. Unfortunately due to my tight schedule, (I was due to head to Bournemouth in less than 2 hours)  I didn't get to spend as much time as I would of liked with Nicola on the Jane Iredale counter and so I have booked a separate session for later on in the year.

My first stop and one of the reasons for visiting LA Perfection was to find out about their laser hair removal. Some of my regular readers will be aware of my struggles with PCOS, unfortunately one of the side effects is excessive hair growth. My hair seems to grow very quickly too, so for years I have been trying to find a solution to the problem! It's literally a nightmare for me and costs me a small fortune!

I spoke with a staff member called Zoe and she was brilliant at explaining the ins and outs of the procedure, she even showed me how the equipment worked to remove body hair. As many of you will be aware Laser/IPH Removal works via light absorption by the hair follicle pigment. When heated up, it permanently destroys and removes any unwanted hair. The session can taken anywhere from 15 minutes to about an hour depending on the area involved. This treatment is not a one off and most people will require several session to permanently remove the hair.  There are some restrictions to this treatment; you can't have the treatment if your pregnant, on medication that cause light sensitivity and the hair follicles must be darker than your skin tone so unfortunately grey, white or blonde hair is unable to be treated on. The treatment can cause some slight discomfort but shouldn't be too painful, some people refer to it as an elastic band being snapped on your body, but then again everyone has different pain thresholds! 

Moving on I spoke to a lady called Heidi, she was able to talk me through some of my skincare needs with the Dermalogica brand. She was great at explaining that I don't necessarily have to change all my skincare products. I can improve areas just by changing one or two products in my daily regime.  Heidi also informed me that my skin is slight dehydrated, to be-honest that didn't surprise me at all, as I'm one of these people that completely forgets to drink all throughout the day, so now I am trying my hardest to make sure my body gets enough water to keep my skin hydrated!

The final demonstration we watched was by Lyndsey, the owner, tattooing on some brows to a model. 
I have thought a lot about having my brows tattooed on in the past and after seeing Lyndsey’s work I have decided that its something I am definitely going to have done at LA Perfection. The wonderful PR Kristie had some gorgeous brows and when I asked her about them (as I wanted to know what product she used) she told me that they were done by Lyndsey, so I was sold straightaway! 

As a whole I had a lovely couple of hours with the ladies at LA Perfection, they are extremely welcoming and have a real passion for the treatments they offer. The one thing I loved about them was that they didn't suggest dramatic treatment if it wasn't needed. It was all about enhancing in more natural ways.

As well as the above treatments mentioned there are many more treatments to choose from, if you're looking to book with Lyndsey and her team you can find out more via their Facebook page

Thank you so much to LA Perfection and CiCi PR for inviting me along. 



  1. It looks like such a good day. How clean and lovely are those products!!!



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