07 July, 2016

We are expanding our family.....

Some of you will already know of my desire to expand our family. I have always wanted a lot of children and I was hoping that not too long after having Archie would we be trying for baby no3. However, not everything goes to plan and right now the chance to have another baby is pretty much non existent.

My broodiness though was on another level, with my biological clock ticking.  I have tried to ignore the feelings but after a chat to Mr. S we decided that we would have a baby, just not a human baby.
So todays post is to welcome our newest family member and it's a pink one.

Honey is our gorgeous little 9 week old Cocker spaniel. I have wanted another dog for ages, I grew up with gundogs due to my dad working on the farm and being involved with the countryside lifestyle.  I knew how loveable Cockers are and that bringing one into our slightly mad family would be the perfect fit.

Honey has joined our very pet friendly home, she is making friends with our 5 guinea pigs, Lilo, Duchess, Elsa, Chip & Gus, she is fascinated by them.
Honey is also slowly winning the affection of our stubborn wannabe half meerkat / half great dane Chihuahua, Daisy.

She has settled in so well into our family, she is loveable, playful and she loves, loves, loves cuddles. The boys are so happy to have a dog that they can play with, as Daisy is not a playful type.

One of my plans for Honey is to have her registered as a  pets as therapy dog so that she can be used as an emotional support dog. This means she will be allowed in to nursing homes and some hospitals to bring joy and emotional support to the sick and elderly. I have seen first hands the benefits of having a dog. With someone who suffers with anxiety having my dogs have been comforting, knowing that I can sit and talk to them without being judged and that they will still love me unconditionally. A bond between a person and their dog is truly an amazing thing and I would love to give that gift to others.

I will be documenting Honey's progress frequently on the blog and even possibly on my YouTube Channel. If you would like to follow Honey's journey then make sure you are follow me on all my social media channels, icons are at the top of the page.
For those who are like me and cant resist a cute puppy be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots of Honey pics!

Let me know what pets you have in the comments below. 



  1. She is SO adorable. I'm hoping a dog is in our future here too!


  2. She is gorgeous! That's a really lovely idea to get her registered as a therapy dog. This is something I'd love to do with mine but unfortunately she is HUGE and far too hyperactive when meeting people for the first time :'D

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  3. Such a gorgeous doggy and fascinating to hear about your plans to train her as a therapy dog, what a lovely idea - I'd not heard of therapy dogs before reading this post. I hope Honey brings you and your family lots of fun and love xx


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