01 August, 2016

12 Facts About Honey

We have had Honey for a month now and I wanted to share a few facts on our newest family member.  

1. Quiet puppy 

The first night we brought her home she made no sounds, she is a very happy and content puppy and we have been so lucky that she hasn't spent night time barking or howling.

2. Honey loves to chew 

Like most puppies do, Honey loves to chew on her toys and my flip flops, oh and stones! She loves stones from the garden, other than that she is pretty good.

3.  Sulks like a toddler 

We have been training Honey for about 3 weeks now and we only do short 5-10 minute sessions. I have noticed when she isn't happy she is like a toddler, she lies down on the floor as flat as a pancake and that is it. Game Over.

4. Soft toy fetish

Honey's favourite toys are her stuffed ones, she carries them everywhere! It's really sweet but the boys have caught her the odd time stealing their toys which they weren't too happy about!

5. Not a foodie 

Honey is not into food like some dogs she has no intention to inhale or eat super quick, she is actually a slow eater, so slow that she would happily graze all day from her bowl. However if you give her a treat she goes round the room like a Tasmanian devil.

6. Quick learner 

I'm use to training labradors and Honey is a completely different kettle of fish. But having said that she has been a super quick learner and I have been amazed at the progress she has made. 

7. Owned by the Chihuahua 

Honey has to share her home with our other dog Daisy. Daisy is our soon to be 7 year old Chihuahua, who thinks she part Meerkat and part great dane. Daisy hated honey at first, it was a nightmare but Honey has realised that as long as she doesn't push Daisy then she is safe and so is her bed!

8. PAT dog in training 

One of my goals for Honey is for her to become a registered Pets As Therapy dog. If I can spread a little bit of joy into someones life once or twice a week, then that would be amazing. I hate to think that there are so many people alone and a visit from Honey could make the world of difference.

9. All about the cuddles

Now most of this is probably breed trait as pretty much every Cocker Spaniel I know is like this but Honey loves human contact. She will gladly sit and cuddle me all evening, putting her paws around me and just snuggling on the sofa. 

10. Honey Lemon 

Honey was named after Honey lemon in Big Hero 6, originally I had Alice and Tinker Bell but Honey suited her the best.   Some of you may know that all our animals are given a Disney name we already have Daisy, Lilo, Elsa, Duchess and our newest member which we've had for a week is another guinea pig baby Alice.

11.  Baby compromise

Before having Honey I was desperate for another baby but with that being out of the question a dog was the compromise. 

 12. Emotional support dog

Honey has become an emotional support dog for me, she helps me with my anxiety as she is so calming. There is something really relaxing about stroking a dog and it has been scientifically proven that it does relax a person and help reduce stress. When I was young we had a labrador named Sam and she was amazing. I have never met a dog since like her, there was something about her but she helped me in so many ways and I have that same connection with Honey, it was instant as soon as I saw her.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Honey, she will be a regular feature on my blog so don't forget to bookmark me so you can see her progress over the next few months. 


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  1. She is so so cute.



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