23 September, 2016

My Top 10 Tips for Becoming More Organised

We all want to spend less time run around doing the boring jobs and more time doing all the fun stuff. So if you are feeling the stress fear not, take a quick look at my top tips to help make life easier and you more organised.

1. Write it Down

Make a list, every morning or before going to bed I make a list of things that need doing on that day or the day after. This way I don't forget anything important and it also helps me get things done quicker. There is no better feeling than when you get to tick jobs off from a list.

2. Online Food Shopping

I now shop online, it's quicker, cheaper and more convenient. All I have to do is make sure I'm home whilst it's being delivered.
I save so much money by shopping online because I don't get sucked into to all the goodies on the end of the isles.

3. Meal Prepping 

Prepping  your meals is so easy! Meals such as pasta bakes, Shepard's pie, curries and soups all cook and freeze really well.  You can either cook it in batch for the week or if your at home cook your meals in the morning ready for after school or work.

I try to prep meals buy pre cutting up veggies and putting them in the freezer, it saves me time during the week, especially on the after school run when the kids are starving!
Another tip I have would be to put all food into portion sized containers, if you have them pre portioned out you don't have the problem of  reheating a meal several times. They say you shouldn't keep reheating meals so personal containers make it so much more easier.

4. Pack it the Night Before 

Every night before I go to bed I get all the school bags packed, uniform all laid out and all my things ready. It's just one less stress for the morning and to be honest it takes me 10 minutes before going to bed which can be valuable time in the morning. I also do the same with my breakfast items and pre set the table. 

5. Delegate 

Make up a chore sheet, colour code items to different people and then allocate them to a day of the week.  If you all have a job or two then that will be less on you and everyone gets to help contribute to the house.  My 2 year old has the job of putting the washing in the washing machine and tidying his soft toys up and my soon to be 6 year old helps with recycling and dusting. For little ones make it fun and a game, put some music on and just have fun with it! 

6. Get Planning

If your life is busy and you have so much to remember use a planner. You can download ones for your phone or laptop or if your like me and prefer to do it the old fashioned way then you can buy some really pretty planners out there. There are also some really nice ways in which you can personalise and decorate your planner. 

Plan your week out, write out all your important appointments and errands to run and that way you be  more organised and hopefully less stressed.

Check out my planner unboxing post here with discount code! 

7.  Clear Out 

Have a clear out of all the unwanted items you have accumulated over the months and years can make your home seem less cluttered. A clutter free home = a clutter free mind and I think it's very true. I can't relax or concentrate when there is a pile of mess in front of me.

I always use the 6 months rule, if its not been played with or used or will be needed in 6 months then it either goes in the bin, in the charity bag or for sale on fb etc. 

8. Bills 

I use folders to keep all my household bills in, that way they aren't stuffed into a draw and I can easily track my finances. Meaning no surprises and no panicking over when things need to be paid. 

9. Stock Pile 

Now I know we aren't living in a country where we can have major life changing weather except for the odd bouts of flooding but I always like to have a stock pile. 
There are times when it's handy to have back ups of your favourite or most needed products.  
I always stock up on long life items and buy in bulk where ever I can, it also saves me money in the long run. 

10. Be Realistic and Be Consistent 

Be realistic don't take on every single task in one day, believe me been there done that had the breakdown and still recovering! Make a list of at least one big job a day/week or two little jobs and your notice that if your consistent then the work will get done and your life will be more organised. 

I hope you have enjoyed my top tips on how to become more organised, leave me your tips in the comments below. 


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  1. I love being realistic - I'm pants at that haha - I always want perfection.



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