29 October, 2016

Alfie's Pinterest Party

My eldest turned 6 at the begin of October and this was his first proper party. Other years we have celebrated at home with the family and just a couple of friends. This year we decided he would get the big party, in a hall and with all of his classmates.

Alfie's best friend was also turning 6 the same month so we decided to do a joint party to save some money. 

I love Pinterest and often find myself spending hours browsing through for things and decided that I would use Pinterest to help me plan my son's birthday party.

First up was deciding on our theme, the boys' weren't particular fussed over the theme they just wanted a party. So myself and Dani hit Pinterest and got to work on finding a theme. One of the things we really wanted to do was pick a theme that hadn't already been in their class, so far no one had had the same theme this year and so we wanted to do the same. We ended up choosing between superheros and an animal theme.

With our theme set we booked the hall and a bouncy castle which we managed to get a good deal on.

Next was to send out the invites...

It's very rare that since having my boys I get to sit down and do anything remotely crafty, Alfie's party gave me the perfect excuse to sit down and do so.  I created these invites very easily on PicMonkey,  I added a black and white photo of animals that I got from google and then backed the invite on to animal printed themed card.

The cake was made by my mum, she always makes our cakes. She is so talented and they always taste amazing! 

As the other parent isn't a huge Disney fan like myself this was my little Disney contribution to the party. 

Now that I had the main things booked and taken care of it was time to buy and make the decorations.

Using old bits of picket fencing we had lying around we made these jungle signs to put up around the room at various stations. 

For party bags we went slightly different to the normal content. We both decided to give a much more thought out goodie bag, with a couple of sweets in each and instead of all of those the little toys that seem to break or get lost within two hours of coming home. 
We choose to have monkeys for adoption as our party bag filler,  each child would go home with their monkey and a birth certificate to fill in.  
We also had a selection of foam animal masks for the kids to choose from. 

We made a sign for the entrance of the party again using bits of wood we had lying around, I had seen these on Pinterest and I knew we had to do one for the boys' party. 

After 6 weeks of brain storming and planning the boys' big day was here!
 Alfie was so excited when we revealed our hard work, we had kept most of the planning secret so they didn't really know much until they saw the hall all decorated. 

For decorations I hit ebay.
 We purchased a huge jungle backdrop which you can see on the right hand side at the back. It was 15ft long and not too bad price wise. 
Balloons and inflatables were relatively cheap, the table clothes were a bit of a splurge, it's really hard to find animal print table clothes!  but we have managed to save them for another time so that will save us money in the future! 

For cups, plates and napkins we decided to buy plain coloured items instead of special jungle themed ones,  they worked out about 40% cheaper and we got double the amount plus 20% discount on a bulk order.  We wanted a more grown up theme to the typical jungled/safari themed partyware we had seen,  they seemed to be more aimed at babies and toddlers rather than older children. 

We made a child friendly drinks station where they could easily help themselves with no spillages, these were all on offer from Aldi. 

We then also had a drinks station for the older children and adults who could help themselves.

We ordered a bulk of inflatable and plastic animals that we arranged around the hall, on tables and on ledges.

 I saw these cute Animal food card on Pinterest and just new we had to add these to our party. 
I also tried to make a cucumber snake but the eyes kept falling off! 

 One of my favourite items from the party was the cut out animal stand in the corner, we got the children to take it in turns to stand and have their pictures taken.
It was such a nice little touch and Dani's dad made it for us which meant it didn't cost us a penny! 

 The party was a huge success and we had so many lovely comments from family and friends. The boys had a lovely time too which was the most important part. I'm so glad we managed to pull off our Pinterest party and now I'm brain storming for the next birthday , Archie's 3rd Birthday!

Let me know what you do for your children's birthdays.


14 October, 2016

Aromand: Autumnal Candle and Diffuser Review

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year.  I love seeing the leaves turn from succulent green to crunchy burnt oranges and browns. I love the slight bitterness to the air in the mornings as I walk the dogs and I love nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa with a duvet, a hot chocolate or massive mug of tea whilst watching my favourite Disney films with my family.

Now that we have Autumn in full swing I have been bringing in a few subtle hints into the home.
Recently I was sent some goodies by Aromand, which  has transformed my home from light and summery with a subtle refreshing vanilla scent to a gorgeous hint of Autumn with rich spices, citruses  and that lovely warm and cosy feeling.

The first item I have  to review is the Apple and Ginger Pudding candle.  First up let me just say that the packaging to both of these items are just exquisite. I love the simpleness of the design, it's modern yet classic and would make a perfect gift to any friend or family member.

As you can see the design of the candle is carried on from the style of the packaging. It's kept very clean and simple and to finish of a hint of chrome on the lid. I was also sent a packet of luxurious  white matches, the whole thing is so Instagramable! This is the style of candle I would choose to buy because it fits in so well with my interiors, it has definitely been designed to not only be a candle but a piece of home decor.

Now for the important bit, the smell.  I love candles that don't loose their scent and this one is true to that.  I had this burning the other night and still could smell the fragrance of the candle come morning as I walked downstairs into my living room. 

Scent wise I would say that this is a lovely light, sweet fragrance with a slight warmth to it. Perfect for those colder evenings.   I love candles like that so this will be a candle I definitely repurchase especially as each candle has roughly over 50 hours of burning I say for the price its' extremely good value for money compared to others I have seen and brought in the past. 

You can purchase the candle online for £25.00 

Next up is the diffuser, now I love diffusers. I always go for a stronger scent because I love to walk into a room and really be able smell the fragrance.  Aromand sent me their citrus and cinnamon diffuser to see and again this is another fantastic product.
 This scent is probably my favourite it's a really warm, spicy, citrusy scent which just smells like Christmas! This scent is perfect for the autumn season and right into winter, I have been feeling so festive and everyone compliments me on aroma in my living room. So now I just have to get some more refills to fill up my other diffusers around the house!

The diffuser bottle like the Aromand candle is beautifully crafted; circular in design with a chic Aromand Label and wooden top, it compliments your home in the most subtlest of ways. 

Diffusers retail for £20 are the refills are £12.00

I would highly recommend these product they are great luxurious gifts for yourself or for friends and family and very reasonably priced.

Let me know what your favourite home scents are in the comments below. 

* I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for a review, all work is my on unless stated. 

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