13 November, 2016

Sarah Taylor Art : Highland Fling Print Review

Now that I'm an adult and I have my own home one of the things I love is looking at interior blog posts and magazines. I am a sucker for sitting on Pinterest and spending hours just liking and scrolling through. 

My style is a mixture, I love the whole minimalist look, the very white and very bright look, but I also love shabby chic and country chic. So I am slowly going through our home decorating it to my taste.  

I am currently trying to finish our dining room, I've gone from an awful light green to a beautiful soft cream colour, the room has no windows, just a pair of double doors that go into our conservatory, so I've made it as bright as possible.  I have also decided to do a gallery wall, we spend a lot of time in our dining room eating, talking, playing games etc, so I wanted a wall that reflected our lives and us as a family. 

This is where the very talented Sarah Taylor comes in. Sarah is an artist that creates some exquisite pieces, her work is very colourful with a paint splash style. Sarah actually came on to this completely by accident, one day she was painting and the studio's cat got in her way. As a result, Sarah tripped and a teacup of pink ink landed onto her work. Without thinking she threw her cup of water onto the painting and began to disperse the ink around and from there her paint splash style was born. Now Sarah uses an array of tools to create her work from straws to hairdryers. 

I absolutely fell in love with Sarah's work, it's eye-catching and captivating, definitely a talking point. Sarah uses her fascination with animals as her inspiration,  with a wide selection of animals from farm animals such as cows and sheep to  woodland animals like squirrels and birds. 

For me, animals are a huge part of my life from my childhood growing up on the farm surrounded by cows, horses, and sheep. So when I look at Sarah's work it does very much remind me of my childhood. 

Sarah was so kind in offering me a print to choose to review, I actually had to think overnight as I loved so many of her prints, in the end, I was tied between her Stag, Fox and Highland Cow print and said to Sarah that she could choose for me. 
A week later I received my print which was of the highland cow. I absolutely adore this print, the mix of bright paint splashes and fine geometric patterns are just beautiful.   It also will fit in perfectly on my soon to be gallery wall that I am creating. 

The prints are available in two different sizes 17cm mounted £40 and 28cm unmounted £55. 

The colours are bright yet subtle, the geometric prints mixed with the paint splashes are unique and unlike anything I have seen before.  Her work is truly unique and extremely beautiful. 
Sarah also takes commission pieces, if you would like something custom all details can be found here.  You can also add Sarah on Instagram for updates on her work. 


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