18 January, 2017

How To Save Money on UK Holidays

I  love to save money where I can and holidays are no exception. I want to share my tips I use to help keep the costs down when holidaying in the UK. You don't have to go broke or spend silly amounts of money.

Firstly decide where you want to go, the UK can be more expensive for holidays especially when you can find really cheap deals abroad. But if you shop around and plan in advance you can get some great deals. The first step is deciding where you want to holiday.

1. Summer / Winter 

If you're planning to go away think about when you would like to go, holiday firms tend to put their prices up in the summer and at Christmas. Also, school holidays are gold mines for companies so they will always increase their prices. These two things that need to be thought about as they will affect your budget.

2. Accommodation 

Accommodation is key because this will be a huge chunk of your budget. Don't just go for the easiest option of booking through a holiday site or hotel. 
Look for other forms of accommodation, youth hostels are much cheaper and also websites like Air BnB can save you so much money with the choice of flats, houses, huts and mobile homes to choose from. 

For example, if you want to book on a caravan site, see if anyone has their own property to rent out via the Air BnB site. Many people do and it's normally much cheaper than what the parks themselves are charging. 

3. Advanced Bookings 

With your holiday booking in advanced as much as up to a year in advance can be cheaper than buying the holiday 3 - 6 months before you go.

4. Budget & Coupons 

Budget your spending money, you don't need to spend £100's a day to have fun. Set yourself a weekly or even daily limit to your holiday and stick to it. 

You can also check online for days out deals on sites like Groupon, you can check local areas so you can see what's available to the area you're staying in.

Have a look online for discount codes on your holiday too, I have just booked us a holiday at Butlins and managed to stack several deals and codes to get £200 off. 

5. Book Tickets in Advanced 

Some places offer cheaper tickets to local attractions and theme parks if you pre-book online before going. You can save as much as 20% off the admission prices which in all helps with spending less.

6. Food & Snacks 

Eating out every day will just increase your spending, the price of one family meal out could cover at least half if not all of the cost of a food shop for a week.  If you're going to a holiday park see if they offer half board packages or food court packages as again this can work out much cheaper. 

The same with snacks, touristy areas can be more expensive to buy in, so I always pre-organise snack bags. I sort out snacks per day and put them in zip-lock bags labelled for each person. Also take a crate of water or even just some sports bottles that you can put squash or water in. It's handy if you're in a hotel and need a drink in the night too! 

 7. Free Activities 

A great day out doesn't need to cost a penny! Visit local parks, rock pools and beaches. Take a picnic and have fun exploring.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for a cheaper holiday in the UK, I'd love to know how you save money on your holiday. Leave your tips in the comments below. 


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