16 January, 2017

Life update: New Blog, Eyebrows and Anixety


It's been a while! I can't believe it's 2017! Last year was a very flat year for me. I had a lot of issues with anxiety, which I'm still trying to overcome but I'm hopeful that this year will be better for me. If you want to read my goals for 2017 then check out my previous post, Being the Best Version of Me.

One thing I'm looking forward to this year is my follow up treatment on my eyebrows. Last year I had my eyebrows tattooed for the first time by LA Perfection, a local Oxfordshire salon. I am now just waiting to go back and have the follow-up treatment and then that will be me done for the year. I love how my brows look and I really wish I'd of done it sooner. I will be posting a full blog review once my treatment has been finished, so stay tuned for that!

Recently I have been thinking about the direction of my blog and what I want to do. I have decided that I no longer want to feature my children as much as I did and have removed most of my parenting posts. Personally, want to keep my children safe. I already have seen people have their child's images stolen and that's not something I wish to have happened to me. I also feel that I want my blog to focus on other passions in my life, I'm not just a mother and this blog has become a place to escape and a place to feel like a 26-year-old Andrea and not just a mum. This was a massive reason as to why I dropped my old blog name.
I will have the odd posts on parenting but it will be more focused on tips and 'how to' than lots of personal information on my children.

I am looking forward to sharing posts on my other interests in life one being my pets, I have a small fur family and I can't wait to include them on my blog. I am also looking forward to doing more home and lifestyle posts. I'm a sucker for all things being clean and organised and I want to share that.

My Disney posts will also be changing as from February I will be launching my new 100% Disney blog. This is something  I've wanted to do for so long, I'm a huge Disney fan, it's a way of life for me and so launching my separate blog will be my way to really become creative in my own little Disney bubble.  You can follow me on my new Instagram until the launch in February.

For now I'm going to leave it short and sweet and hopefully, over the next few weeks the final changes will be made and my new upload schedule will be all planned out.


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