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My Top 10 Tips For Giving Presents

I love buying presents for people, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary you name it!  I love to make a gift personal and something I hope they will really enjoy and love. 
I know some people hate shopping for others and so I wanted to put together my tops tips when buying gifts for others.

1. Budget 

Set yourself a budget and be realistic, you can do so much with £20 trust me!

2. Occasion 

What is the occasion? Is there a theme to the party that you could include in your gift etc?
For example, if they love Disney why not do a Disney movie package or help them start a collection. 

3. Avoid cheap, cheap toys

If you haven't got a lot of money to spend don't go and buy cheap toys from the 99p shop as 9/10 it will break after 5 minutes.  However, depending on what you're getting some items can be fab bargains!
My advice would be to shop around, look for deals, sale and clearances to get more for your money, whilst still keeping the quality. I've easily made £20 stretch to create a lovely hamper. I used places like Amazon, TK Max, Home Bargains, Craft shops etc. 

4. Make sure you have enough time

Don't leave gifts until the last minute! Write down birthdays in advance, that way you can be prepared. If you know what you want to get then you can shop for deals earlier.
For Example, I have brought a present for my sister already for Christmas this year and I saved over 70% on the item because I found it in a clearance sale. 
I also do this with Alfie's school friends and buy things in advance in sales and clearances, it's really handy and saves us money! 

5. Do some research 

If you're not sure what to get as a gift become a detective and find out. Look on their Facebook and Instagram for ideas, it could be that they mentioned what their favourite flower is, a book they want to read and so on.

6. Pretty packaging 

I'm a sucker for a pretty package and so I love to do the same with gifts, trying to make them unique by using hampers, boxes, pots, bags and buckets. Be creative it's amazing what you can make. 

7. Personal touch

I recently did a birthday hamper and I wanted to match the hamper their home decor and so now they have the option to use the "gift box" as decorative storage. 
You could also use ribbons, bows, tissue paper and plastic flowers etc in their favourite colour.

8. Cake and card 

Make sure you get a card! I always forget cards and they are such a lovely thoughtful touch. I always like to add one memory or compliment into the bottom of the card to make it extra special. If you haven't got a lot of money to spend why not make a cake or cupcakes. Everyone loves cake! and you can make one for less than £5! 

9. Vouchers 

If you are shopping for someone who is really difficult to buy for then vouchers are always a safe bet. Choose a voucher for their favourite shop, restaurant, cinema or what about an experience day! There are so many things to choose from, from being a zoo keeper for the day to driving sports cars and going for a spa day! 

10.  Be creative

I love to be creative as I can with my gifts, I like to home make gifts, bake and even paint. I've done so many different presents from a movie night package to a mum to be treat box,  you could even create one on things from their childhood. 

I hope you enjoyed my post, remember though it's the thought that counts! 

What are your top tips for presents? 

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  1. Great ideas! Love the thought of cake. I never make them