25 February, 2017

5 Ways To Boost Your Income

If you are looking to earn some extra cash maybe towards a holiday, Christmas or something bigger then here are 5 easy ways in which you can do to boost your income.  

1. Ebay and Facebook Selling Pages 

How many of us have items in our home that are unused and unwanted? Have a clear out of things you no longer need or use and put them on local selling sites and eBay.  You're more likely to sell items faster through these sites then by waiting to go to a car boot. 

2. Secret Shopper 

Becoming a secret shopper is easy and you can pick and choose the assignments you want to do and get paid for them. So if you love shopping then this is a great opportunity and companies like Gapbuster and Market force are the perfect place to start. 

3. Cashback sites & apps

Using sites like Quidco and Top Cashback to receive cash back on your everyday spending. There are quite a few ways to get cash back from, credit and debit cards to sites for online shopping and apps on your phone.  

4. Surveys 

Sites like Swagbucks are a great platform to start earning some extra cash.  Swagbucks points are earned by filling out surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and more. Once you have earned so many points you can exchange them for gift cards or deposit into your PayPal or Amazon account.   You can also earn cashback with online shopping.  I'm a major fan of Swagbucks at the moment and have found it pretty easily to earn some extra pennies great for me to save away for Xmas!

5.  Offer a skill

Do you have a skill you can offer? Are you good at gardening? Making jewellery?  Dog walking? If you have a skill why not offer your services.  You can advertise in so many ways from local selling and community pages on social media to online sites like Esty and Fiver, and the good old fashioned way by advertising in local shops.


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  1. Great tips - I've done online surveys for vouchers before and they are quite good!



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