26 March, 2017

Disney Bounding An Introduction

As a little girl, I use to love dressing up as my favourite Disney characters. My sister and I had a couple of Princess outfits and I was so gutted when I became too big for them, the joys of having to grow up!  Since then I have followed the world of cosplay but dressing up in full character every day isn't always going to be the most practical of things to do, could you imagine me on the school run in Cinderella's ball gown! Actually, that would be pretty amazing! I may have to do it now ha ha ha!

Recently I have been looking at the growing trend of Disney Bounding, basically dressing up subtly for adults.
You can create your favourite characters by picking a colour scheme or specific item and tailoring it to that character. You also don't have to spend a fortune as you can put many outfits together from the item you have in your wardrobe, and if not hit the charity shops as you can normally find some great pieces.  You see a lot of Disney bounding in the Disney parks, adults aren't allowed to dress up like young children are allowed to, so this is a perfect way to still be able to join in the fun, be creative and explore your Disney side!

Children can also explore their Disney side with bounding, I'm planning to get us to all bound as a family for some fun family photos.  The only problem is, who to bound as?

Below are some examples of how you can dress up like your favourite Disney character. 

                     Have you tried Disney bounding? Let me know what Character would you bound as?


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