15 April, 2017

Semi-Permanent Tattooing at LA Perfection

Having good brows is a must in my beauty regime. Good brows can shape and frame the face, but bad brows can do the complete opposite.

I was recently given the opportunity by LA Perfection, an advanced Oxfordshire Skin clinic specialising in cosmetic tattooing and skin rejuvenation, to have my very own treatment of micropigmentation or more commonly, semi-permanent tattooing.

I had thought about having my eyebrows tattooed for a while and then when the chance came up I knew it was something I wanted to do. I don't think my brows were too bad, to begin with, I just needed help defining them. Also having them tattooed gives me one less job in the morning, as a busy mum of two spending hours in the morning applying makeup is just not possible.

I was slightly apprehensive before my treatment but I needn't had to be, Lyndsey is highly qualified after being taught by some of the industries most renowned experts. Not only that but Lyndsey is so thorough and friendly I was instantly put at ease.

First I had a mini consultation, this is where Lyndsey explained the procedure, asked me what type of brows I like, and the style I do my own in.  Then she explained all the details of the aftercare, and once I had signed the consent form it was time to get tattooing!

Before tattooing, Lyndsey applied a topical numbing cream to reduce the feeling of the tattooing. I personally felt no pain during my sessions, I was actually so relaxed I almost fell asleep! And  I'm terrified of needles and pain! The only thing I felt was when Lyndsey had to pluck some of my hair.

Once the numbing cream was on Lyndsey then used a ruler to symmetrically draw the outlines of my new brows, once we were both happy the tattooing began.
Lyndsey uses a popular ink called Li these inks do not have orange or blue ndertones like some others do so colour will be natural and fade nicely.

Micropigmentation is slightly different to microblading, the main difference is the tool used. In micropigmentation a machine that is similar to a tattoo gun is used, the fine needles are used to place the pigment into the skin.  However, for microblading, a hand tool is used. Microblading doesn't last as long as micropigmentation because it only goes on the top few layers of skin whereas micropigmentation goes deeper.

With my first session done I was sent home with my instructions of aftercare, I was provided with some cream to put on my brows to help keep them moisturised.  I was also told not to get them wet for at least a week, and to keep them out of direct strong sunlight.  You also don't want to be pulling at the scabs either as these will pull pigment out from your skin and leave you patchy, you want to let your skin naturally heal no matter how tempting it is!

Once your brows are healed you are then booked in for another appointment, which is your top up at about 6 weeks.

Why is a touch up needed? A touch up is needed due to a number of reasons, one is that not every skin holds pigment the same, there maybe some pigmentation loss or some modifications needed. A second treatment will also boost the colour.

In all I have been more than satisfied with my brows, Lyndsey has done an amazing job and the pain was next to nothing for me, it just felt like I was having an electric toothbrush over my brows.
The healing time was relatively quick and the colour has stayed in extremely well. I actually didn't get my brows wet for almost a month, I think paying the extra attention to them really helped with the overall look at the end.  My brows look natural and I can easily rock a 'no makeup' brow and if I want to up my brow game then I can add some powder on the top.

I will need to book in for a top up every 12 -18 months but for the price and service I received, I would be more than happy to continue treatments.

Treatment costs £375 and that covers the cost of both sessions, 1st session and 6 weeks top up session.

Lyndsey is literally the brow queen and if you're lucky to be in the area I would definitely book in for treatment. You can see all of Lyndsey's and the team at LA Perfections work on their facebook page.

* I was kindly gifted this experience in exchange for an honest review. 


06 April, 2017

My Top 10 Money Saving Tips For Decorating The Garden

I'm so excited for spring and summer but my garden is far from ready!

My aim for the garden is three things, stylish, low cost and family friendly. As much as I would love to splash out on my garden, there are so many things I want to do this year with the kids which means that our budget for the garden isn't huge. But in reality, you don't need to splash out.  I'm going to show you just how I plan to makeover our garden on a small budget with these 10 tips.

1. Design

Planning ahead can make you spend less money as you will know exactly what you need and how much you need. It also makes it easier for you to shop, meaning you're more likely to find deals and bargains. 

2. Budget 

Work out your budget and stick to it! Put money aside in a pot and only use that for your garden, you can do some much without spending a fortune, trust me. 

3. Ask Family & Friends 

I have been given a lovely couple of bits already for my garden without spending a penny and that was from family and friends. 
My grandad gave me a chiminea that is pretty much brand new.  He didn't use it and asked us if we wanted it and I have always wanted a chiminea, to sit around in the summer toasting marshmallows with the kids. 

So checked to see if you anyone you know is getting rid of any useful items first. 

4. Preloved Sites 

Check on sites like Gumtree and Preloved to see if anyone has any useful tools, plants or furniture for free, you can find some excellent bargains. 

5. Homemade & Upcycle

Save money by homemaking or evening upcycling items - see what you have and see if you can actually fix and upcycle it before hand. If you have an old wooden table for example sand it down and repaint it, you could easily save a £100 or more. 

6.  Shop Around 

Don't just buy the first item you see, look around in other stores or online to see if you can get the same item cheaper. Also, make sure you use stores or websites where you can receive cash back as it's always handy to earn money back on your items. I love using Swagbucks and have a lovely little amount of cashback that will go towards Christmas. So think ahead and earn money whilst saving money. 

7. Facebook 

Look on Facebook for cheap gardening bits or even free items. You can also find people offering a skill at a cheaper price. handy if you don't want to spend a fortune on landscaping or maintenance. 

8. Wooden Pallets 

If you or someone you know is handy with the D.I.Y  then wood pallets can be a cheap but fantastic way to kit out your garden. From making your own decking, playhouses, planters and furniture wooden palettes are normally extremely cheap or even free! 

9. Learn a Skill 

This year I have learned a valuable skill which will help me save time and money. As I will show in another post I have made a mini palace for my herd of guinea pigs. In order to do this, I had to learn some skills. The biggest one was how to lay a mini patio. Now I feel confident enough to re-level our old patio meaning we save a hell of a lot of money and time. 

10.  Pinterest 

If your needing help for ideas Pinterest is amazing, there are thousands upon thousands of ideas, hacks and tutorials to look through to give you plenty of ideas for your own garden. I have already started my own album on Pinterest for inspiration. 

If you have any more money saving tips please let me know in the comments below or leave me a comment telling me one thing you love about your garden. 

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