20 May, 2017

15 Facts You Didn't Know About Disney

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 I've always been a fan of behind the scenes documentaries in films and especially with Disney. I love watching the whole process, from the animation to watching the actors voice the characters in Studio sessions. 

  Below I'm sharing with you some fun facts you may or may not already know about Disney.  

1.  There are many Disney films where there is only one parent or no parents and there has been lots of speculation into why this is the way it is. Long term Disney producer Don Hahn had suggested two reasons for this which are, Disney films are based on growing up and so having parents in the film doesn't allow the character to grow.  For example, when Elsa loses her parents she has to step in and become queen; she has to grow up. It's all about finding that moment in your life when you have to take responsibility which is a recurring feature in most Disney films. 

The other reason which has been suggested was down to Walts own tragedy with the death of his mother in 1938. Unfortunately, she died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty heating system in the house, the house that Walter brought for his parents.  

Obviously, we may never know the true reasons, but these are the two most common theories behind why Disney doesn't feature both parents or mothers in particular. 

2. Wall-E is named after Mr Disney himself, Walter Elias Disney 

3. For several years Disney held the patent for Technicolor making him the only animator allowed to produce films in colour. 

4. Walter built an apartment for his family above the 'Fire Department' on main street in Disneyland,
    California. A lamp was used in the window to signal to staff he was in residence. This is now always lit in his honour. 

5.  Disney has a secret cocktail club called club 33. It's hidden above the Blue Bayou in New                    Orleans Square, with a strict members list of 487 members and a waiting list of 14 years! 

6. Steve Martin ( Father of the Bride Actor ) used to work in the magic shop at Disneyland.                             
7. The actors that play Minnie and Mickey mouse married in real life, now that's a fairy tale!   

8. Boo's real name is Mary, you can find it on a drawing in her room. 

9. Mickey Mouse has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

10. The ideas for Monsters Inc, Wall-E and Finding Nemo were brainstormed in 1994! So some of these 'New' Disney films may not be so new. 

11. The Jungle Book was the last film overseen by Walt Disney. 

12. Walt Disney actually played Peter Pan in his school play!

13. Pumba was the first Disney character to pass wind, lovely! 

14.  Aladdin's face was modelled after Tom Cruise. 

15. Did you know that Ariel and Hercules are cousins! Triton's father Poseidon is brothers with                 Zeus, Hercules's Father. Which would mean Ariel and Hercules are cousins once removed. 
I hope you liked my 15 Disney facts if you have any leave them in the comments below! :) 


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